Quality Assurance in Health and Social Care

  • Documents are fully customised to you as required by the CQC
  • Compliant under The Care Act 2014 and The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) Regulations 2014
  • Save Time — How long would it take you to create and update all of this guidance?

The QCS Quality Assurance Module contains policies and procedures for every area which supports the delivery of high quality care services, namely, Administration, Care Management, Catering, Hotel Services, Human Resources and Maintenance.

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Policies and procedures included in Quality Assurance package

Simply choose the category:

  • AB02 - Business Continuity Policy and Procedure

    AC03 - Communication Policy and Procedure

  • HS05 - Health and Safety Training Policy and Procedure

  • PM05 - Retirement Policy and Procedure

    PJ33 - Job Description - Nominated Individual

  • QA01 - Administration Management Protocol

    QA02 - Administration Audit and Action Plan

    QA03 - Document Publication Policy and Procedure

    QA04 - Document Version Control Policy and Procedure

    QA05 - General Management Protocol Policy and Procedure

    QC01 - Care Audit and Action Plan

    QC03 - Care Communication and Information Policy and Procedure

    QC04 - Care Management Protocol

    QC06 - Family Satisfaction Survey Policy and Procedure

    QC07 - Key Worker Policy and Procedure

    QC11 - Named Nurse Policy and Procedure

    QC12 - National Service Framework Policy and Procedure

    QC13 - Professional Health Worker Satisfaction Survey Policy and Procedure

    QC14 - Service User Satisfaction Survey Policy and Procedure

    QC22 - Clinical Governance Policy and Procedure

    QC17 - Family Satisfaction Survey Policy and Procedure

    QC19 - Professional Health Worker Satisfaction Survey Policy and Procedure

    QK01 - Catering Audit and Action Plan

    QK02 - Catering Management Protocol

    QH01 - Housekeeping Audit and Action Plan

    QH02 - Housekeeping Cleaning Schedule and Audit

    QH03 - Housekeeping Management Protocol

    QH04 - Laundry Cleaning Schedule and Audit

    QH05 - Room Cleaning Checklist

    QP01 - Employee Satisfaction Survey

    QP02 - Personnel Audit Protocol

    QP03 - Personnel Audit and Action Plan

    QP04 - Staff Retention Policy and Procedure

    QM01 - Maintenance Audit and Action Plan

    QM02 - Maintenance Management Protocol

    QQ01 - Action Planning Policy and Procedure

    QQ02 - Auditing Policy and Procedure

    QQ03 - Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments Policy and Procedure

    QQ06 - Management and Prevention of Violence at Work Policy and Procedure

    QQ07 - Management Meetings Policy and Procedure

    QQ10 - Quality and Quality Assurance Policy and Procedure

    QQ11 - Quality Meetings Policy and Procedure

    QQ12 - Service Users/Relatives Meetings Log - Care Home

    QQ14 - Impact Assessment of Policy Implementation Policy and Procedure

    QQ08 - Management Meetings Policy and Procedure

Ongoing Support and Guidance for Quality Assurance (QA)

  1. Simple to use

    online interface for all quality assurance activity

  2. All policies required

    to manage quality assurance in line with registration requirements and international quality assurance standards and models

  3. Ring bound printed manuals

    for operational usage updated in line with any changes to QA requirements every month

  4. Easy upgrade path

    from the Quality Assurance Module to the Full Management System

  5. Fully comprehensive approach

    Up to 168 pages with 42+ easy to follow QA policies and procedures, available in Word and PDF

  6. Upload your own documents

    to supplement the system for an even more comprehensive and personalised adult social care compliance tool

  7. Online customisation

    lets you change any of the up to 130+ fields that are customised to your business

  8. Weekly update email

    System compliant or not, number of updated & unread documents, recent staff logins PLUS e-mail notifications for care system updates

  9. Includes

    Statements of management responsibilities & Full set of service audits and Quality & Management meetings Policies and Procedures

  10. Supports QA

    Meets the CQC Definition of Quality Assurance for on-going compliance

  11. Provides compliance

    for QA under The Health and Social Care Act 2008

  12. Fully customised paperwork

    As required by the CQC documents are specific to your organisation and not generic

  13. Peace of mind

    Know you are compliant and that we keep you up to date

Saves Time

How long would it take you to create and update 168 pages of quality assurance guidance?

Quality Assurance

The QCS Mock Inspection Toolkit is a unique innovation of the QCS approach to quality assurance in care homes, healthcare environments and additional care services. Based on the CQC Fundamental Standards , the Mock Inspection Toolkit provides an essential quality assurance initiative which enables you to understand the degree to which your care service is CQC compliant.

It’s a fact that every care service provider will be inspected at some point by the regulator; but why wait until it is too late to take corrective action? The aim of the toolkit is to identify any shortcomings in the services that your organisation offers. As with all quality assurance evaluations, it is essential to be honest. The Registered Manager should seek to complete Mock Inspections on a regular basis to track progress and establish if improvements are required.

Containing a range of practical workbooks and suggestions, the QCS Mock Inspection Toolkit enables you to run through practice inspections, gauge your performance level and set yourself goals for improvement.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

  • very good service excellent up to date information

    For some one like myself starting up a care business with limited understanding i find this was the best rout for me to take.also to be able to get assistant anytime from individual who is assign to guide me in areas of the policies that i am not familiar with, and to deal with queries i may have. Velva
  • Very Professional and Good Quality Service

    We have found your service to be highly professional and your system up dates to be of a very high standard and your back up data is very informative.We would recommend your Company to other people who are interested in this sector of Home Care Services. Paulina Fogg
  • Very helpful, when i first contacted the company

    The policies and procedures that i have ordered, have been a god send for me, saves all the hard work that i would have had to do.Itts good that the company has put all the input into it for Domicillary businesses like me. maggie allen

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