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23rd October 2012

CQC annual report shows 35% of registration applications are rejected

Annual report from CQC makes interesting reading

Annual reports are excellent for looking at how organisations are performing. CQC’s last annual report for 2011/12 included data up to the year ending 31st March 2012 and gives us an indication of how well it is performing. For anyone concerned with achieving registration and compliance under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (updated 2012), it makes interesting reading.

35% registration application rejection rate

With GP’s CQC registration deadline coming up on 1st April 2013, CQC’s Annual Report provides some excellent insights for GP practice managers. In the report, the CQC said that it rejected a high proportion of registration applications. This led to heavy backlogs and unacceptable waiting times for application processing. Over the reporting period, 35% of all applications were rejected on the grounds that they were incorrect or incomplete.

CQC registration and compliance from QCS

The QCS General Practitioners Management System aids CQC registration. It is designed to cover every aspect of running a Quality and Compliant GP Practice. There are many synergies between GP practices and other segments of the health and social care sector in achieving CQC registration and compliance and QCS extends to care management and dentists.

A QCS compliance system ensures you follow the basic rules and get the right registration information in the right boxes before you click ‘submit’.

This case study of an adult social care group, Quality Care EM, show’s how QCS simplifies registration and illustrates how GPs Practices can enjoy a structured and reliable approach to CQC compliance.

Alternatively why not register for our FREE trial to see how we take the headache out of registration and compliance for GP practices, by clicking this link.

You can take a look at CQC’s 2011/12 annual report by following this link.

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