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09th November 2012

Raising the game of adult social care providers with a QCS compliance management system

1% of CQC compliance failures rated as serious

According to statistics reported in CQC’s annual report for 2011-12, 1% of all non-compliance cases rate as serious and require action to protect people from harm or hold the provider to account. Publication of the details of enforcement action by the CQC means that it is impossible to prevent the names of establishments and individuals from entering the public domain. Failing a CQC inspection is the most likely route by which the standards of a care establishment may attract attention, but it is not the only way.

Battling against negative public perceptions

In these days of ‘citizen journalists’ equipped with smartphones that record stills, video and audio, there seem to be a regular flow of exposés centred on the mistreatment and neglect of those in adult care homes.

Some of these are groundless and are taken out of context or exaggerated; some may be in other areas of the care system such as in children’s homes. However, in the sensationalist framing of such stories, the fine details are frequently blotted out. Truth is a casualty and the good reputation of the health and social care sector is eroded.

There are many other factors that help to shape public perceptions; the high cost of care places means some regard care homes as something of ‘a racket’; many elderly but still independent people harbour deep reservations, fearing having to go into the care system if it becomes a necessity; relatives of those in care establishments may be overly sensitive and suspicious.

If the adult social care sector is to battle negative perceptions and enjoy the confidence of the public then the bottom line is that it must raise its game. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (updated 2012) is designed to do just that, however the regulatory framework enforced by the CQC is complex. Indeed the complexity maybe one of the contributory factors to the well documented underperformance of the regulator.

Raising your game with QCS compliance management

Adult and social care establishments consistently meet the necessary standards required by CQC with a QCS compliance management system. This supports the care sector in raising its game and enables regulated organisations to easily meet the requirements of a complex regulatory framework. Many care establishments try to ‘manage’ compliance with a manual system; however such an approach is less about managing and more about reacting.

A QCS compliance management system lets you take control, provides a solid process to prevent you failing compliance and helps the adult social care sector win the battle against negative public perceptions. Right now, and until the end of November, you can click this link to take advantage of our November Special Offer that provides a saving of £250 off the price of a CQC compliance system.

*All information is correct at the time of publishing

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