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26th February 2013

Research behind Alzheimer’s Society report shows ‘low expectations’ and ‘severe image crisis’ of care sector

Dementia sufferers in care homes now reckoned to be 80%

Previously believed to be around two-thirds, a new Alzheimer’s Society report published yesterday has caused an upward revision in the numbers of those with dementia or severe memory problems that are living in care homes.

With the statistic now put at 80%, the research behind the report highlights two important attributes in the conversation around care homes:

  • Low expectations - provides evidence of deep seated pessimism about life in care homes
  • Image crisis - the care sector has a PR problem described as ‘severe’

Failure to drive up standards of care

According to a YouGov public poll commissioned by the charity, evidence for low expectations is extrapolated from two statistics:

  • 41 per cent of relatives surveyed by Alzheimer’s Society reported that their loved ones enjoyed a good quality of life
  • 74 per cent of relatives would recommend their family member’s care home

The research also provided evidence for the severe image crisis facing the care sector:

  • 70 per cent of UK adults say they would be fairly or very scared of going into a care home
  • 64 per cent do not feel the sector is doing enough to tackle abuse in car homes

The charity believes that public attitudes and scepticism about whether people with dementia enjoy a good quality of life in a care home is leading to a failure to drive up standards of care. The Alzheimer’s Society is using the report to call on government and care homes to work together to lift expectations and to strengthen existing minimum standards to boost quality of life.

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Click here to go to to see more about the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Putting care right’ campaign.

*All information is correct at the time of publishing

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