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Senga will try to answer as many of your Scottish Social Care questions as possible, giving priority to frequently asked questions and questions regarding current events and trends.

Senga Currie is Head of Care Development (Scotland) at QCS, she possesses a strong command of the issues facing the care sector informed by her long career as a registered mental nurse and registered general nurse for 38 years, working in various areas within the NHS, community nursing, the field of addictions and the private sector. With 21 years of experience working with care homes, starting as a nursing sister and moving into roles of home manager, regional manager, care services manager and regulation manager.

Senga will try to answer as many of your questions as possible, giving priority to frequently asked questions and questions regarding current events and trends.

Please note that Senga cannot offer answers to matters requiring legal advice. If your matter concerns a specific service provider, please contact the Care Inspectorate Scotland.

    Latest Questions

    Any advice to University Graduate without experience applying for jobs in care sector?

    Hello, I am looking to work in the care sector, made some applications to some care homes but was told I have no experience. I am a University Graduate. Any help, please?

    I am sure the skills you have are transferrable to the sector. May I suggest you look on the SSSC website which give an abundance of information on careers within...

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    How many staff is required for a non-medical care home?

    How many staff is required for a non-medical care home? 18 residents And how is this worked out? Thank you.

    There is no definitive number of staff for a set number of residents, in the past there was a sliding scale ratio, however, it was reviewed an decided that the...

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    What is the fee for registering a Supported Living business in Scotland?

    I am trying to register a Supported Living business in Scotland. I submitted my application today. I don’t know how much to pay. I will support people in their homes and in our bungalow.

    Congratulations on registering. You will find information on the amount of fees to pay to register your service here. There is lots of information on the Care Inspectorates website which...

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    I’m due to pay my sssc of £25, how do I go about this?

    I’m due to pay my sssc of £25, how do I go about this? thanks

    Hello Karen There are various ways to pay your fee, but some methods are much faster and more secure than others. · Online - the quickest and most secure way to...

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    I recently has to start a new registration, will I receive a new expiry date to complete my qualification?

    I was already registered and had a date when I had to have my qualification by. I recently changed into a care home so I had to start a new registration. Will I receive a new expiry date?

    Hello Annie, I can help with that, you should end your employment through your MySSSC account and you will be removed from the part of the Register you are currently on....

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    Stress Management for staff during Covid-19?

    Hello Senga

    Our staff are getting really stressed in these trying times due to working long hours and concern about the coronavirus. I thank them daily and they know they are appreciated. I wish I could do more to help them, any suggestions.




    Hi Fiona It is indeed a very stressful time for all. That is commendable that you are concerned for your staff’s wellbeing. Self-care is all important, however at these worrying times...

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    Resources on infection control and coronavirus

    Dear Senga

    We are all worried in our care home, visitors have been asked not to visit to try and keep the service users safe. We are all getting refresher training on infection control and coronavirus. I wanted to read up on this, can you advise.

    Thank you



    Hello Ruth Well done caring and supporting for the vulnerable service users and for looking to expand your knowledge. Below are resources which will help you, good luck and stay safe. Coronavirus...

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    Looking at an environmental audit for the care home, what course should I aim?

    Hi Senga

    I support people who live with dementia and have been advised to look at an environmental audit for the care home which may improve the outcomes for people, which of course is my aim. I can’t find the audit, are you aware of it?




    Hi Bertha Yes, I can help you with that. It is surprising how making a few changes to the environment can have an impact on service users lives. I looked at this...

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    Have the Care Inspectorate changed the way they inspect Care at home?

    Hi Senga

    I have been told the Care Inspectorate have changed the way they inspect Care at Home, is that correct? I am expecting an inspection soon and I am now worried that they will inspect me under the new regime, and I don’t know about it. Can you clarify for me, please?




    Hello Jessie Firstly, please don’t worry about it, no matter the framework the regulator uses, they will be looking at the same issues and outcomes for the service users, therefore continue...

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    Hi Senga,
    I am looking to start a day centre for adults with autism in my area. The centre would have a maximum capacity of 25 service users.
    Can you tell me what type of licences and qualifications are required?

    Hi Caroline   You would have to register your service with the Care Inspectorate, information on this can found here. This will tell you what is required prior to starting up your...

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