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Senga will try to answer as many of your Scottish Social Care questions as possible, giving priority to frequently asked questions and questions regarding current events and trends.

Senga Currie is Head of Care Development (Scotland) at QCS, she possesses a strong command of the issues facing the care sector informed by her long career as a registered mental nurse and registered general nurse for 38 years, working in various areas within the NHS, community nursing, the field of addictions and the private sector. With 21 years of experience working with care homes, starting as a nursing sister and moving into roles of home manager, regional manager, care services manager and regulation manager.

Senga will try to answer as many of your questions as possible, giving priority to frequently asked questions and questions regarding current events and trends.

Please note that Senga cannot offer answers to matters requiring legal advice. If your matter concerns a specific service provider, please contact the Care Inspectorate Scotland.

    Latest Questions

    When will the new framework for Care at Home be released?

    Dear Senga,

    I work in Care at Home and we are eagerly awaiting the new framework which has already been released for care homes. Do you have any idea when this will be released as we are keen to get on board and become familiar?

      Hi Katie,   Please don’t be anxious, the feedback I have had from care homes is the new framework has been good and easy to implement.   I attended the recent Care at Home...

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    I recently had an inspection and was advised to improve pureed diets, can you advise on this?

    Dear Senga,

    I recently had an inspection and was advised to improve pureed diets but my chef although good has no experience of pureed diets prior to coming to the care home to work as he previously worked in a hotel.

      Hello David,   I can signpost you to a few resources David.   Firstly, I would ensure your chef is familiar with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative which can be accessed here. These...

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    What communication methods would you suggest when informing service users of the new Health and Social Care Standards?

    Dear Senga

    It was recommended at a recent inspection that I support service users and their families to be aware of the new Health and Social Care Standards. I have put up a poster, but can you advise of others communication methods I can use to inform all?


      Hello Chloe,   Yes, I can think of a few ideas.   Why not put on the agenda of your next resident/relative meeting?   You could go through the roadshow presentation the care inspectorate produced, which...

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    I currently work in a Care Home but I am considering moving to Care at Home, is it different from a Care Home?

    Dear Senga,

    I currently work in a care home, but I am considering moving to Care at Home as the idea of looking after people in their own homes really appeals to me. Is it  different from a care home? Any advice would be grateful

      Hello Margaret,   Good Luck in your forthcoming interview.   In relation to care delivery, in both services the principles are the same:   dignity and respect compassion be included responsive care support and well...

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    Why do I have to submit an annual return?

    Hi Senga, I am unclear as to why I must submit an annual return

    I find it time consuming and wonder why we are asked for this information. Do you know why?

      Hi Becca,   The annual return is indeed time consuming as it asks for lots of information and this can take time to collate, however it is required by law under the...

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    What incidents should I be reporting to the Care Inspectorate?

    Hello Senga,

    Can you clarify what incidents I should be reporting to the Care Inspectorate, I’m not sure what constitutes a notification.

      Hello Beth,   Yes of course I can advise on what is expected to be reported to the Care Inspectorate. The areas listed below would constitute a notification to the Care Inspectorate...

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    How can the quality framework be used by care homes?

    Dear Senga, I work in a care home and we have not yet been inspected with the new framework.

    Can you advise how the quality framework can be used by care homes, I am keen to be prepared and get a good outcome when the Care Inspectorate come in to inspect the home.

      Dear Anne,     Well done you for looking for ways to improve your service and be prepared for your inspection.     Firstly, I think the most important principle is to be organised. There...

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    What do I need to do when registering with the Scottish Service Social Council?

    Hello Senga,

    I am currently in the process of registering to provide a care at home service. I am a little confused about registration with the Scottish Service Social Council. I have an SVQ2 is that OK for me to register as the manager? I would be grateful for any advice.

    Hello Jean,   Congratulations for starting a Care at Home business, I wish you every success.   The Scottish Social Service Council are regulators for the social care workforce in Scotland and therefore require...

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    What is the inspection process for Care Homes in Scotland?

    Hello Senga, I have worked in care at home and only I have recently started working in a care home. I understand that the services are inspected differently and I would like to understand the inspection process? I am embarrassed to ask anyone at work, can you explain?

      Hello Seonaid,   Good for you preparing for the next inspection. Please don’t be embarrassed to seek guidance from your colleagues, however I would expect this to be covered during your induction...

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    I am a new manager and have to deliver training on the Health and Social Care Standards, can you advise on how this should be done?

    Hello Senga, I know the National Care Standards have changed and these have been replaced with Health and Social Care Standards. I am a recently appointed Deputy Nursing Manager and part of my role is to participate in delivering training. I have never done this before, and I am extremely nervous. I must deliver a workshop on the Health and Social Care Standards to new employees at their induction. Whilst I know of them, I don’t know how to start delivering a workshop.

    Can you help me please, it is putting me off my new job as I am so nervous?

      Hello Donna,   Congratulations and well done on your new post. I fully understand your anxiety, I remember this situation very well indeed, excited about the new role but anxious about certain...

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