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07th June 2017

A good example of governance?

What is a good example of governance, e.g which policy?

Dear Anie,


I think that the first thing that each of us has to understand is what exactly good governance means.


Estelle Clark, executive director of policy at the Chartered Quality Institute says in an article which can be found at that “Governance is about making sure you comply with the rules that mean you can be in business and you can articulate what you are trying to achieve, not only to your investors but also your customers, your supply chain, your staff or your community,” she says. “That is as relevant for a company of five people as it is for 5,000."


She outlines an SME’s criteria for good governance: “First and foremost, it is about making sure that you meet all the regulatory and compliance requirements. That’s effectively your right to operate. It’s also about making sure your business delivers its strategy, which is going to maximise the opportunities and minimise risk for the benefit of all its stakeholders.


You then need to build that into your company.“Next, you have to ask yourself does your strategy reflect the needs of all your stakeholders, or are you highlighting one and then worrying about remedying the others later on? You need to know that’s built into your operation. We’re talking about clarity of process, of purpose, of behaviour. I guess you could call it the business culture."


Skills for Care says that "Good governance has never been more important in adult social care. There is a clear expectation that directors will have governance systems and processes in place to ensure the delivery of high quality care."


So good governance is about the processes for making and implementing decisions. It’s not about making ‘correct’ decisions, but about the best possible process for making those decisions.


Good decision-making processes, and therefore good governance, share several characteristics. All have a positive effect on your service.


For you therefore good governance provides regulatory compliance, policies and procedures for staff to ensure that they have the framework in place to deliver safe, person centred care and the leadership needed to work within an open and honest service.


Finally CQC has information on its website about governance.


Part of this guidance says: "To meet this regulation; providers must have effective governance, including assurance and auditing systems or processes. These must assess, monitor and drive improvement in the quality and safety of the services provided, including the quality of the experience for people using the service. The systems and processes must also assess, monitor and mitigate any risks relating the health, safety and welfare of people using services and others. Providers must continually evaluate and seek to improve their governance and auditing practice."


I hope this is helpful.


There is plenty of information about governance on the internet.


Best wishes.



*All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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