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Sheila Scott OBE has now retired and therefore is no longer available to answer your social care questions. However, you might still find the answer you’ve been searching for down below.

Sheila Scott OBE has now retired and over the years , prior to her retirement she has answered thousands of your social questions. You can still access the many questions below.

For Sheila Scott OBE as the former CEO of National Care Association (NCA), care is Sheila's life. She possesses a strong command of the issues facing the care sector informed by her long career as a nursing professional, the owner and manager of a care business, and as a leader in the care sector.

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    Latest Questions

    Is experience in social care mandatory for a nominated individual?

    Is experience in social care mandatory for a nominated individual?

    Thank you for your question. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 6 is very explicit in what it the role and expectations of the...

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    If staff notices upon the start of their shift that not all medication from the previous shift has been given, what should they do?

    I have a question. If I start shift in care home at 9am, and notice that the 8am medication has not been signed for what should I do?


    Many thanks for your question. In the first instance I would try and get hold of the staff member that would have completed the 8am medication.  They should return to...

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    Is it a risk to share flannels between residents during a pandemic?

    What is your view on the use of sharing flannels between all the residents? Particularly during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

    My view is that single use wipes should be used. Residents shouldn’t be sharing flannels at all irrespective of covid or not. If a resident wishes to use a flannel...

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    Should we tell residents if one of their fellow residents tests positive for COVID?

    Could you tell me if telling care home residents that one or more of their fellow residents has tested positive for COVID and is unwell contravenes the GDPR rules?

    Thank you r. Health records fall under special category data within the general data protection regulations. It is therefore important you do not share individual’s health status either staff or...

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    What are the rules regarding isolation for a care worker who has been exposed to someone who is COVID positive?

    What are the rules for a care worker who’s been in contact with a carer who’s positive? Do I self-isolate or do I have to show symptoms first?

    Thank you for your question. The answer is it depends. If you are showing symptoms , you must definitely self-isolate and get a test. If health and social care staff...

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    How often should care plans be reviewed for short term stays?

    I work in a residential facility where clients are only here for 30 to 45 days. When we start a care plan, how often should we follow up/review these?

    This is very individual according to the needs of the individual you are supporting.  Care plans must always be reviewed whenever service users conditions change.  If you are delivering outcome...

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    Does an inadequate CQC Inspection impact my status as Registered Manager?

    Can I still be employed as a registered manager if I have an inadequate CQC inspection?

    Hi C, Many thanks for your question.    To be a registered manager You have to meet the requirements stated within regulation 7 of the Health and Social care act.    This includes...

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    Is now a good time to set up a new care business?

    Considering current issues such as COVID, is it a good idea to set up a care business (home care and care agency) now?

    Hi A Many thanks for your question. I would say firstly that people will always need care and support and there is growing evidence of the longer-term physical impact of people...

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    Is it a violation of Data Protection to publicly display a Staff Rota in the care home locker room?

    Would it be breaking the Data Protection Law to pin a Staff Rota in the locker room of a care home, for staff to copy?

    Dear J Thank you for your email. You don’t tell me whether the locker room can be other people apart from those who are going to be on the rota as...

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    How do I make sure my care home website meets Accessible Information Standards?

    I have a care home and we have our own website but I have been told I need to update it to make sure it meets Accessible Information Standards, what do I need to do. We are commissioned by the Local Authority?

    Dear M Thank you for your email. By law (section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012), all organisations that provide NHS care or adult social care must follow...

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