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Sheila Scott OBE has now retired and therefore is no longer available to answer your social care questions. However, you might still find the answer you’ve been searching for down below.

Sheila Scott OBE has now retired and over the years , prior to her retirement she has answered thousands of your social questions. You can still access the many questions below.

For Sheila Scott OBE as the former CEO of National Care Association (NCA), care is Sheila's life. She possesses a strong command of the issues facing the care sector informed by her long career as a nursing professional, the owner and manager of a care business, and as a leader in the care sector.

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    Does someone with an NVQ 2 still need to do the Care Certificate?

    If I employ someone with care experience and an NVQ 2 in health and social care, do they still need to complete the care certificate?

    Dear J, Interestingly I was asked a similar question a few years ago and it is one that does pop up quite frequently in my mailbox. The answer is actually, No....

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     I have heard about the Kickstart fund, can I use it to help with my recruitment?

    I run a domiciliary care agency, what is the kickstart fund and can I use it to help with the shortage of care workers in my area?

    Dear B Thank you for your email. The government has introduced a new Kickstart Scheme in Great Britain, a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of high-quality 6-month work...

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    I’m a Director of a care company – How can I prepare for my interview with the CQC?

    I would just like to know as a Director of a care company for the interview with CQC what do I actually need to know, please? I’ve been in this line of work for 30 years and have decided to start up my own company as I feel there is a great need out there! I have a manager on board that has experience but I’ve never been a director before.

    Thank you for your question. Regulation 5 in the Health and Social Care Act refers to the role of Directors. Its states that the intention of this regulation is to...

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    How do you calculate annual leave when a member of staff leaves and what is half-day rounding?

    I have been informed that holidays are calculated using the 5.6 weeks (28 days). I have also been informed that we can longer use the 12.07% accrual method for calculating holidays. How then do we accrue holidays upon termination? What is half-day rounding?

    Thank you for your question. I spoke to our Employment law firm, Napthens  as this is a complicated area and this was their response; Calculating annual leave upon termination In the first...

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    How do you report a regional director for discrimination and bullying?

    I’m emailing you in regards to what the procedure would be on reporting a regional director for discrimination and bullying? As well as harassment and disregarding a resident’s right to making a decision for themselves. For example, the regional director has been forcing residents to get up earlier then they’d like and stay up longer then they’d like, as well as forcing them to sit in certain rooms and refusing entry to other rooms because it “looks better”.

    Dear S, thank you for your email. You don’t say in your email what your role is or whether the regional director is harassing and bullying you or a resident....

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    What does the Statement of Purpose mean by ‘places where services are provided’?

    What does it means the places where services are provided in a statement of purpose for domiciliary care? Can you please help me with this, please?

    Dear G, Thank you for your query. If you have a look at the guidance CQC have published on their website about the Statement of Purpose, it explains the following that...

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    Can a resident be restrained in a wheelchair for safety?

    For safety purposes, can a resident be in a wheelchair with a strap?

    Hello J Thank you for getting in touch. Lap straps help with the safe management of positioning in wheelchairs. They help provide stability and can reduce the risk of slipping and...

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    What is an acceptable room temperature for a Nursing Home?

    What should room temperature be in a Care Nursing home?

    Dear P, Thank you for your question. Rooms that are either too hot or too cold for certain groups of people can be dangerous so make sure that rooms have thermostats...

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    One of my staff has to quarantine for 14 days, do I have to pay him?

    One of my staff has just come back from France and now has to quarantine for 14 days, do I have to pay him?

    Thank you for your question. This is a fast-moving situation with the list of countries that we can travel to known as a ‘travel corridor’ without having to quarantine on...

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    Can a care worker be required to do a sleep in with no notice?

    I work in care and do sleep-ins on a rota basis. We have a rota for 3 months in advance. I have turned up to shifts and been told that on my days where I have no sleep-ins, that I am having to sleep that night with no notice. I am not informed until I get on shift. Is this allowed by the company to change my shift on the day, with no notice?

    Dear D, Thank you for your question . Whilst it is not unreasonable to ask if you can cover at short notice, the practice of turning up and being told you...

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