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Sheila Scott OBE has now retired and therefore is no longer available to answer your social care questions. However, you might still find the answer you’ve been searching for down below.

Sheila Scott OBE has now retired and over the years , prior to her retirement she has answered thousands of your social questions. You can still access the many questions below.

For Sheila Scott OBE as the former CEO of National Care Association (NCA), care is Sheila's life. She possesses a strong command of the issues facing the care sector informed by her long career as a nursing professional, the owner and manager of a care business, and as a leader in the care sector.

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    What is the role of an agency/agency staff in relation to responsibility in a residential home?

    As an agency staff in a residential home, what is the role of my agency in relation to responsibility whilst I am providing care support in the home?


    Dear I, Thank you for your question. You don’t state what your role is as an agency worker for example whether you are a care worker or a registered nurse. This...

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    Can next of kin ask to see their parent’s care plan?

    Can next of kin ask to see their parents care plan?

    Dear S, Person centre care planning involves the service user and anyone who they feel is important to them. It’s important to understand the legal aspect however when referring to ‘next...

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    What do I need to understand about Consent?

    Can you please send guidelines to ensure all correct procedures and policies are followed for gaining consent.  I need to know what to do when consent is denied by the person and, when you have proof that resident is unsafe. I would also like to know how to ensure that the person has a care plan needed to improve their quality of life. This a question in my chosen field of work, it is important not to mess this up.


    Thank you for your question. Consent is a complicated area and is different for adults and for children. For consent to be valid, it must be voluntary and informed, and...

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    Can a 15-year help within a home care business?

    I have a 15-year-old who I want to assist within my home care business. She would be doing tasks such as making and preparing food while the other staff member did personal care. She would be changing beds cleaning, etc. Could you advise us as to whether this would be acceptable?

    Thank you for your question .I do believe very strongly that if young people can be given work experience/employment , they are likely to seek permanent employment in social care...

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    How long is the wait for a decision on a CQC application?

    When CQC refuse an application, do they do it straight away? They are making me wait 2 weeks until they have done the report. I am so anxious to find out. If they refuse registration, can we reapply or do we have a chance to redeem the situation?

    Thank you for your question. CQC takes time to consider applications as they assess all the information you have provided. I appreciate this is stressful, however. You can reapply if...

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    If the bed provided by the service isn’t suitable for a Resident, can an alternative be purchased?

    Can a care home ask a resident or their relative to buy a new bed because the one supplied by the home is not wide enough?

    Dear D Thank you for your question. Your email doesn’t say if it’s the resident that wants a wider bed or it is because there is a clinical need. Although it isn't...

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    Can family members install a hidden camera?

    A family member put a hidden camera in a service users bedroom without informing the carers or the company. Is this allowed?

    Dear D Thank you for your email. The law here is complex.Before I address the issue of the camera being allowed, it may be helpful for you to find out first...

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    What insurance is required as a Registered Manager?

    I am a registered nurse with indemnity insurance with the RCN. I have recently become a registered CQC manager for a Domiciliary Care business. I am concerned that my insurance is not adequate for the risk associated with this role. What insurance should I have?

    Thank you for your email. In terms of your RCN Indemnity Insurance, unfortunately, it does not cover nurses who have an employment contract. I discussed your question with Howdens The QCS Insurance...

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    Will a new branch affect our overall rating?

    We are opening another branch under a different local authority with an additional Registered Manager.  Will the inspection report encompass both arms of the business or would we get separate reports for each? Will the new branch affect our overall rating?

    Dear J Thank you for your question. If you are opening a new branch, in a different location with a different Registered Manager, you will need to go through the application...

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    Is this a notifiable incident?

    A resident in a care home has a spontaneous fracture resulting in surgery. As it was not the result of a fall or incident, is it a notifiable incident?

    Dear S Thank you for your question. Although this was a spontaneous fracture and not as a result of a fall or incident its important you notify CQC via your provider...

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