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27th May 2015

Starting point – Rehab/Care Home

Dear Sheila

I am interested in setting up a Rehab for mentally Ill people with substance misuse or a Care Home . I know that I need to have a DBS signed by CQC. I also need to register with CQC where a lot of money is involved. Moreover, I will be required to show the CQC the premises where I am going to set up my Rehab/Care Home which of course I need to have paid money either for lease or mortgage. Could you please advice on where would be the best starting point? - Charles

Dear Charles,

You cannot apply to register with CQC until you are ready to start providing the service.

This means you should have the premises with all the appropriate equipment and policies and procedures (available from Quality Compliance Systems) in place.

I believe that you need to begin by studying the CQC website in detail starting with all the information about registration including the forms that you will need to complete so that you understand the lengths you will need to go to and the financial commitment you will need to make.

You should also look at the registration of yourself to be sure that you have the required experience and/or qualifications.

The best place to begin is the CQC website. You will be looking to be registered as a provider of services relating to substance misuse.

I believe that the second thing you should do is to consider who will use your service and who is likely to refer those service users to you. It may be the NHS or CCGs or ADULT Social Care. In some instances the service user or their family may pay.

I would advise you to meet with the authorities in the area where you hope to set up your service to discuss whether or not your service would be needed and whether this is a service that they purchase. Hopefully you will have some contacts who you will be able to begin a conversation with. For a specialist service such as you are proposing to provide, you may need to look wider than the immediate area where the service will be located.

The third important area to consider is the business aspect. You will need to find out how to finance such a business and who will provide services such as insurance.

If you receive the trade press you will adverts in those magazines for you to contact.

This is I believe where you need to start.

As you progress you may have further and more detailed questions so please do write again if I can help.

Of course, QCS can help with policies and procedures. Give them a call on 0333 405 33 33 option 1 for a free trial.

Best wishes,


*All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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