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16th May 2019

What are the five Key Lines of Enquiry?

Hi Sheila, I'm just about to go for the deputy manager position in my care home which is a seventy nine bedder. Can you advise me on the five key lines of enquiry that I would be expected to know?



Dear J,


Thank you for your question. KLOE stands for Key Lines of Enquiry. It’s important to clarify that they are 5 Key Questions (not 5 key lines of enquiry) and these Key Questions are:


Well led


Each of the five key questions is broken down into a further set of questions. These are called Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE). When CQC carry out inspections, they  use these to help decide what they need to focus on.


For example, the inspection team might look at how risks are identified and managed to help them understand whether a service is safe.


For example under the Key Question Safe, one of the KLOEs is:S1 How do systems, processes and practices safeguard people from abuse?


Before you go for your interview, have a look at the CQC website for more information:


Best of luck




*All information is correct at the time of publishing.

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