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Is there a list of registered carers that I can use to find someone to care for my mother?

I’m looking for a self-employed carer/PA to help my disabled mother. Is there a list of registered people?

The simple answer is no. A number of websites operate as introducers but as yet there is not a central registered list unlike companies providing personal care who are registered with...

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Does a care agency need to register with the CQC if it is only supplying staff to CQC registered organisations?

We are trying to use our rented apartment for supported living unregulated. We have turned the living room to an office fully furnished with office equipment with CCTV camera installed. The company will roll on as soon as we finished paying for the insurance. The rooms are ready for YP. Do you think the company can still function without CQC involvement?

From the information provided my first thought is if you have turned the front room in to a fully functioning office then where do the tenants go instead. It can be...

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What is the legal requirement for being able to administer medication in a residential or nursing home?

Can a registered nurse give medication in a residential home or just in a nursing home? What about a care home that is both residential and nursing? What are the legal requirements?

A Registered Nurse can give medication in a residential home as long as they have had the relevant medication training. However, they will not be able to carry out specific...

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Is it legal and acceptable to wake clients up during the night (hourly checks) in a supported living setting?

Is it legal and acceptable to wake clients up during the night (hourly checks) in a supported living setting?

Sadly, there is no real legal guidance in this area as it is more about meeting the needs of the individual. You would certainly find you are in contradiction with...

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How much notice does my domiciliary care company need to provide if they are swapping my shift?

How much notice does my Domiciliary care company if they are swapping my shift?

Thank you for your query. The notice provided by your domiciliary care company, if they are swapping shifts around, should be stipulated within your employment contract; I would refer to...

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As a registered nurse, what mandatory courses do I need to complete to become a manager in a nursing home?

Hi, I’m a Registered General Nurse with over 5 years post qualification experience in Adult Nursing, of which only around 6 months was worked in elderly Nursing homes and within dementia services. I am looking to progress into Management as quickly as possible, but would like to know which mandatory courses I need to complete or be working towards before applying for management jobs.

I have gained some supervisory experience over the past 4 years, albeit in acute care with people undergoing elective surgery and not in a Nursing home setting.

Many thanks for your question. Different care home providers have different stipulations and it is possible to become a Registered Manager with your clinical experience alone particularly if you can demonstrate leadership and management qualities in...

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Is assisting someone with washing their hands after using the toilet classed as personal care?

I run a day care centre for adults with learning disabilities, we are not CQC registered as we do not provide personal care. I have a young man that wants to come that may need help washing his hands after using the toilet. Would this be classed as personal care? Or is it changing of pads that is classed as help going to the toilet and therefore personal care?

Good to hear from you and hope that the huge challenges of managing the undoubted impact of COVID-19 on your day service hasn't been too traumatic for you, and you...

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What sort of car insurance do I need to be a named driver on a client’s insurance?

I work for a company as a carer. One of my clients now has a car via the mobility scheme and has put me on the insurance as a named driver. However, the company I work for has said I can’t drive it or be a passenger in it. What insurance is needed to sort this please?

Thanks for your question. You may think it is pretty straight forward and in the eyes of the Motability scheme it is.   According to Motability up to three named drivers are...

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A member of staff is uncomfortable providing care to service users of a gender other than their own, what should I do?

A member of staff is uncomfortable providing care to service users of a gender other than their own, what should I do?

Thank you for your question. Firstly, I would advise that this is picked up with each member of staff on a case-by-case basis. Discuss why the staff member is highlighting...

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Can Health and Social Care Professionals visit my family member without notifying me or allowing me to be present, If I am their LPA?

Hi i am wondering if care company, nurses, Dr etc can visit my grandmother who has vascular dementia without notifying me or allowing me present as I’m her LPA, I’ve just found out that the care company visited her today for a care review without notifying me first, this has since caused my grandmother undue stress as she doesn’t understand why they were there and even told them she doesn’t need carers, which unfortunately is not true, I just want to be clear on if they overstepped the mark.

You haven’t said whether your lasting power of attorney (LPA) powers cover ‘property and financial’ decisions, or ‘health and welfare’ ones – or if you have both. I assume that...

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