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Human Resources

09th September 2016

What do Care Providers Need to Know About LPAs?

Rachel Griffiths Mental Capacity and Human Rights Specialist

In many ways, you’ll be relieved to know, the answer’s pretty easy. You need to know what Lasting Powers of...

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22nd August 2016

Stress at Work – Reasonable Measures and Big Dividends

Nic Bowler Welsh Care and Social Services Inspectorate Specialist

I wrote an article a week or so back about the importance of induction and preparatory training (the Welsh Social...

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25th July 2016

Does the ban on exclusivity clauses affect the enforceability of restrictive covenants?

Chris King Employment Law Specialist

Casual Workers The term casual worker is usually used to describe a worker who is engaged in a flexible, ad hoc...

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08th July 2016

The ACAS Code and Some Other Substantial Reason (“SOSR”) Dismissals

Chris King Employment Law Specialist

Hot on the heels of the Employment Appeal Tribunal's (EAT) decision in Holmes v QinetiQ Ltd which confirmed that the...

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06th July 2016

Hearing Users’ Views in Supervision

David Beckingham Mental Health Specialist

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have recently published a report that tries to highlight what it is service users want out...

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04th July 2016

Dismissal for Ill Health

Anthony Fox Napthens LLP – Employment Law Specialist

The ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures (the “Code”)The Code provides practical guidance for employers, employees and...

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24th June 2016

E-cigarettes and the Workplace

Chris King Employment Law Specialist

Use of E-cigarettes or 'Vaping' is becoming commonplace in Britain. Surprisingly, the use of e-cigarettes in a public space is...

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11th June 2016

Can a dress code policy which restricts the wearing of religious dress be discriminatory?

Carley Kerrs-Walton Napthens LLP – Employment Law Specialist

An employer’s neutral dress code policy prohibiting the wearing of any visible symbol of political, philosophical or religious belief has...

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04th June 2016

Indirect Discrimination – When will there be a provision, criterion or practice?

Chris King Employment Law Specialist

It can be sometimes very difficult to determine whether the actions of an employer amount to a provision, criteria or...

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28th May 2016

Indirect Religion or Belief Discrimination

Anthony Fox Napthens LLP – Employment Law Specialist

An issue that has recently been considered in the Employment Appeal Tribunal concerns whether or not the dismissal of a...

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