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Faculty of General Dental Practice changes (Last update: 22.06.20)

Dementia Care
June 22, 2020

Download the document on the Faculty of General Dental Practice changes here.

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Alternatively, read the summary here:

On the 17th of June 2020, the FGDP published their COVID-19 guidance synopsis. The FGDP guidance remains almost the same with a few small changes you need to be aware of.

The QCS Practice Re-opening Policy and Procedure has already been amended to include the following information:
Prophylactic polishing of teeth has been added to the risk stratification matrix at page 29 of the Guidance:

i. Low Risk AGE’s – Tooth polishing
• Minimal use of prophy paste/reduced speed revolutions/tooth isolation/high volume suction
• Avoid, if possible, at high alert levels, due to risk of splatter

ii. High Risk AGE’s – Tooth polishing
• Avoid tooth polishing if unable to mitigate risk of splatter during high alert levels, unless already using enhanced PPE

Face Coverings for Patients and Visitors:
• Patients and other visitors are now advised to wear simple face coverings in line with the latest government advice. Patients and visitors must be made aware of this and practices may decide to provide masks

Mopping of Surgery Floors:
• The floor should be cleaned thoroughly with a mop, and ideally this should be done after every treatment involving a high risk of AGE
• The use of reusable or washable mop heads is recommended where possible, to reduce both the financial and environmental costs
• Risk of contamination can be mitigated by using a suitable virucidal solution to clean the mop or consider a detachable mop head or cleaner which can be washed and reused
• The FGDP does not advocate the use of single use mops in view of the
environmental impact, and would recommend a more pragmatic and cost effective,
risk-based approach
• If no high-risk procedures have been undertaken, floor cleaning should be done at
the end of each day