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02nd June 2020

Free COVID-19 Swabbing Employee Consent Form

Download our Free COVID-19 Swabbing Employee Consent Form here:

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It is expected that all care homes in the UK are now testing for COVID-19 even if they don’t have a symptomatic employee or resident. A National Hub has now been established and care homes which are registered with the CQC can request for swabs to be sent out to all residents and staff.

However, Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger, Conservative cabinet member for adult care, expressed concern: ''There is some concern that swabs will not be taken correctly, as it relies on the local care staff to do them and they have not necessarily been trained specifically in this task”.

QCS know that it can be a challenging task for local care staff to be responsible for the swabbing on top of all the work they are doing. Therefore, shortly after the statement, QCS has produced a Guide to Swabbing and an accompanying Swabbing Consent Form. It helps to ensure you and your staff can take swabs confidently knowing that you’re compliant and following procedures correctly.

The Free COVID-19 Swabbing Employee Consent Form includes:

  • Employee Statement
  • Employee Consent
  • Employer Reference Form

You can also read our Swab Testing summary here. It outlines details on care home testing, care workers assessment training, preparation and more!

Download the Content Form now for FREE! 

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