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03rd September 2020

Free Employee Welfare Check Form for parents and guardians (Last update: 03.09.20)

Download our Employee Welfare Check Form, specifically for parents and guardians here

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September means the start of the school term for children in England, after school being shut down for 6 months for the majority of pupils, there are likely to be anxious parents and children. If any of your staff are parents or guardians, the start of the school term could affect the number of staff available and the quality of services.

With staggered start and finished times at school alongside the threat of quarantining classes or year group bubbles, as part of your contingency plan, it is crucial to make sure that you have sufficient pools of staff to cope not only with winter pressures but also potential second wave or local lockdown.

QCS have created an Employee Welfare Check Form for you to gather information from staff who are parents or guardians to help with resource planning. It will also enable you to provide mental support to staff to help validate your forward planning under the new CQC Emergency Support Framework.

The Welfare Check Form includes:

  • Checklist to help schedule support for staff
  • Form for staff to specify any concern and how the company can help
  • Online resources on mental health

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