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17th September 2020

Free Infection Control: Hand Hygiene Audit for Primary Care is now available!

Download our free Hand Hygiene Audit for Primary Care here


Healthcare staff are likely to be at risk of infections after providing services or from being in a healthcare building, as Microorganisms can be easily transmitted to one another by hands and subsequently cause infection. To prevent the spread of infection, hand hygiene must be carried out thoroughly to protect both patients and your practice team.

During COVID-19, good hand hygiene is one of the most crucial ways to fight against the spread of the virus.

Evaluation and repeated monitoring of your team’s knowledge and practices on hand hygiene is vital to any successful hand hygiene campaign. This Handwashing Audit can be utilised by everyone working in practices.  It allows the manager or infection control lead to observe and assess the quality of hand hygiene techniques carried out by the team regularly and ensure all procedures are compliant with the Infection Control and Prevention Policy.

The Handwashing Audit Tool includes:

  • Standards to assess an individual’s hand hygiene
  • Scoring criteria
  • Action plan


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