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09th February 2021

How to obtain evidence of your COVID-19 vaccination (Last update: 09.02.21)

Find out now how you can obtain evidence of your Covid-19 vaccination here

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Alternatively, you can read the tips from our team of experts here:

Incredible progress is being made with COVID-19 vaccinations being administered to millions of people.

This is great news and means that we may soon be thinking ahead to holidays abroad. The UK has ruled out vaccine passports, branding them discriminatory, but Sweden, Denmark and various other countries are already suggesting they will bring them in, with other governments likely to follow suit.

The question everyone wants to know the answer to is, 'how do you get evidence of your COVID-19 vaccinations'?

The most straightforward way to have evidence of your COVID-19 vaccinations is to download the NHS App and register for access to your health record. You can find out more here.

  • Once registered and verified, you will be able to see any current and discontinued repeat prescriptions as well as acute (short-term) medications
  • Your COVID-19 vaccines will be listed under 'Acute Medicines' and you will need to have both of your vaccines detailed

An example of how it will show on your medical record is shown below:

If you have received the vaccines at a mass vaccination site, pharmacist or another location, the details will be recorded and electronically passed to your GP health record.

If you chose not to use the NHS App and decide to ask for a letter from your GP practice, this does not fall within the core NHS contract, so they may choose to make a charge for this service, and it may not be instant.

So my advice is to download the NHS App, register and verify your access to be ready for your next sunny holiday. 


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