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24th March 2020

RCGP Guidance on workload prioritisation during COVID-19 (Last update 22.03.20)

This RCGP guidance has been developed for clinicians working in general practice in the UK. During the development of this guidance, consideration was given to work that is essential to maintain public health and that which is unlikely to cause harm if delayed for approximately two months. It is not an exhaustive list of GP workload and is not intended to replace clinical judgement for individual patient cases.

Past experience has shown that patients will die from non-COVID-19 related illnesses in addition to COVID-19 itself as we divert all of our health care resources towards it (1). General Practice has a huge role to play in maintaining the underlying health of our population in an attempt to prevent this. It is vital that we continue to provide care to all patients if we have the capacity, with workloads stratified to ensure that those at greatest need are prioritised.

Practices should also be aware of and follow the guidelines and standard operating procedures outlined by NHSE&I (

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