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27th March 2020

Why you need to stay at home?- easy read version (Last update 27.03.20)

This fact sheet tells you why you need to stay at home.


  • This is the Prime Minister. He is called Boris Johnson. He makes the rules in the country. He has a team to help him.


  • There is a new infection that is making people sick. It is called coronavirus.
  • People call it COVID-19. There is no medicine yet that stops this infection.


  • Boris and his team are worried because lots of people are getting sick. Doctors and Nurses say people are getting very sick and have died.


  • The Doctors and Nurses are worried that there will be a lot of sick people and the hospitals will get too full. They will be so busy they can’t look after everyone.


  • Boris, Doctors and Nurses have a good plan to stop the hospitals getting full.


  • He has told us we must all follow the rules.


  • If we all follow the rules, it means we can help stop COVID-19 spreading.
  • Old people and people with some other illnesses need to be protected from getting COVID-19.


B. Follow the rules

  •  Stay at home.


  • You can only go to the shop for essential things. Clothes shops, cafes and cinemas are all closed.


  • You must stay 2 metres from people when you go out.


  • You can only go outside your house to exercise 1 time during the day.


  • You are not allowed to meet your friends.


  • You can speak to your friends on the phone or by video.


  • You should work at home if your boss says you can.


  • You can only leave your house for:
  1. Food essentials
  2. Emergencies
  3. Medicines
  4. Exercise only 1 time in the day


  • The Police will make sure we all follow the rules.


  • Boris has said we must follow these rules for 3 weeks.
  • He will tell us after 3 weeks, if we need to stay at home for longer.


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You can download this easy read factsheet here -

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