CQC: Care Quality Commission Get expert support from registration to ongoing compliance

Supports your CQC Compliance under The Care Act 2014 and The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2015
Policies & Procedures are fully customised to you as required by the CQC
Save Time — How long would it take you to create and update 2300+ pages of guidance?

Making end-to-end CQC compliance easier


Guidance through CQC registration

Let our expert team of contributors draw on their experience in the CQC to simplify the registration process and get to know your challenges.


Instant CQC policies and procedures

How long would it take you to create hundreds of tailored documents? Instead, use our toolkit as a framework that can be effortlessly customised around your service.


Ensure ongoing quality and compliance

With mock inspection toolkits and self-assessment quality audits, you can continually review your compliance and keep up with changing legislation.

Complete support for CQC compliance

From care providers to healthcare, a wide range of organisations need to meet the standards of the Care Quality Commission.

But while procedures and documentation are a key element of providing this compliance, it isn’t really the policies. It’s about people. At the heart of everything is your duty to tailor services around your service users and deliver an exceptional quality of care and service.

That doesn’t stop with CQC registration or achieving compliance. It’s an ongoing, ever-evolving challenge that takes a clear view over your policies and procedures as well as regular reviews and updates to meet changing standards.

At QCS, we’ll make life easier with the software, online policies, and specialist guidance you need to meet CQC expectations long term.


CQC: Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission exists to protect and safeguard service users, with powers under two pieces of law – The Care Act 2014 and The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2015.

If CQC standards aren’t met, the consequences could be severe – from fines and restricting services to cancelling your registration and even prosecution.

Compliance is a fundamental aspect of protecting your service users – as well as your reputation and your business. But while you don’t have a choice about creating the appropriate policies and procedures, you do have a choice about the cost and complexity of the task.

Turn to QCS for a better way to achieve and maintain compliance – one that’s fast, flexible, and easy.

Get comprehensive guidance and toolkits for your CQC compliance.

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