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  • Simplicity – Just log-in and use the simple dashboard for all activity
  • Comprehensive content – Over 400 pages covering HR legislation and practice, download in Word or PDF
  • Inclusive of – Aspects of managing employees from Recruitment and Induction to Absence and Discipline

Your employees are also the front desk and sales department! They are the key to both running and growing your business. Recruiting appropriate staff and helping them develop their role is a challenge but essential to successful practice.

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Policies and procedures included in Human Resources package

Simply choose the category:

  • DPA05 - Adoption Policy and Procedure

    DPA02 - Annual Holiday Policy and Procedure

    DPA03 - Maternity Leave Policy and Procedure

    DPA04 - Paternity Leave Policy and Procedure

    DPA06 - Public Holidays Policy and Procedure

    DPA07 - Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure

    DPA08 - Statutory Time Off Policy and Procedure

    DPA09 - Unable to Attend Work Policy and Procedure

    DPA01 - Absenteeism Policy and Procedure

    DPA10 - Shared Parental Leave Policy and Procedure

    DPC01 - Agency Staff Policy and Procedure

    DPC02 - Casual ("Bank") Workers Policy and Procedure

    DPC03 - Changes to Contract Hours

    DPC04 - Covering Letter - Issue of Employee's Handbook

    DPC05 - Appearance Policy and Procedure

    DPC00 - Employee Handbook

    DPC07 - Minimum Wage Policy and Procedure

    DPC08 - Notice Periods Policy and Procedure

    DPC09 - Part-Time Employees Policy and Procedure

    DPC10 - Staff Loans and Advances Policy and Procedure

    DPC06 - Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment - Variation

    DPC12 - Temporary Workers Policy and Procedure

    DPC13 - Flexible Working Policy and Procedure

    DPP01 - Harassment Policy and Procedure

    DPP06 - Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedure

    DPP02 - Alcohol and Drugs Policy and Procedure

    DPP03 - Discipline Policy and Procedure

    DPP04 - Grievances Policy and Procedure

    DPP05 - Moonlighting Policy and Procedure

    DPP10 - Obtaining Medical Records Policy and Procedure

    DPP07 - Capability Policy and Procedure

    DPP08 - Supervision Policy and Procedure

    DPP09 - Development Appraisal Policy and Procedure

    DPE01 - Equality and Diversity Policy and Procedure

    DPE03 - Family Leave Policy and Procedure

    DPE02 - Disabled Workers Policy and Procedure

    DPE07 - Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy and Procedure

    DPE08 - Gender Pay Reporting Policy and Procedure

    DPJ01 - Job Description - Dental Decontamination Operative

    DPJ02 - Job Description - Self-Employed Hygienist/Therapist

    DPJ03 - Job Description - Dental Practice Manager

    DPJ04 - Job Description - Dental Nurse

    DPJ05 - Job Description - Associate Dentist

    DPJ06 - Job Description - Dental Receptionist

    DPG01 - First Aid Policy and Procedure

    DPG02 - Management of Stress Policy and Procedure

    DPG03 - Personnel Communication and Action

    DPM04 - Redundancy Policy and Procedure

    DPG05 - Retirement Policy and Procedure

    DPG06 - Staff Attendance Record

    DPG07 - Smoking at Work Policy and Procedure

    DPG08 - Staff Rota Policy and Procedure

    DPG09 - Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information Policy and Procedure

    DPG10 - Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

    DPG11 - Working Alone Policy and Procedure

    DPG12 - Working Time Regulations Policy and Procedure

    DPR11 - Employee Termination Record Keeping Policy and Procedure

    DPR09 - Health and Fitness Questionnaire

    DPR04 - Recruitment Pack - Recruitment Specification

    DPR01 - Recruitment Policy and Procedure

    DPR07 - Training Event Attendance Record

    DPR08 - GDC Checking Policy and Procedure

    DPR12 - DBS/Disclosure Policy and Procedure

    DPR02 - Induction Policy and Procedure

    DPR03 - Recruitment Pack - Individual Application Pack

    DPR05 - Recruitment Pack - Induction and Job Start

    DPR06 - Training Policy and Procedure

  • DQH01 - General Management Protocol Policy and Procedure

    DQH02 - Fair Access, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedure

    DQH04 - Personnel Audit Protocol

    DQH05 - Personnel Audit and Action Plan

    DQH06 - Staff Retention Policy and Procedure

Ongoing Support and Guidance for HR - Dental

  1. Simplicity

    Just log-in and use the simple dashboard for all activity

  2. Comprehensive content

    Over 400 pages covering HR legislation and practice, download in Word or PDF

  3. Receive printed manuals

    For office use, updated regularly

  4. Inclusive of

    Aspects of managing employees from Recruitment and Induction to Absence and Discipline

  5. Customisable

    Alter text fields to personalise policies

  6. Easily upgrade

    To the Full Management System

  7. Regular email updates

    Reminders for action and text messages

  8. Unlimited

    Upload your own documents too

  9. Compliance

    With legislation

  10. Personalised documents

    Not generic or blank

  11. CQC

    Compliant with the need for Quality Assurance

  12. Ease of mind

    Feel confident in the process

Time saver

Over 400 pages of HR guidance ready for you now

Dental Human Resources Management

HR (Human Resources) is a central part of any business.  However in Healthcare it has a particularly specialist function as employees are involved in the improving health and wellbeing of patients.  There are specific legal and managerial responsibilities which need to be addressed when employing nursing and other professionally registered staff.

The QCS HR package is widely used and comes with good recommendation from managers.  It is complete with templates and resources to cover all eventualities.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

  • Informative back up and support for a growing buisness

    as our company has expended the system has helped us create a solid profile of policies. Quality Compliance Systems has saves our company valuable time and money. There have been times when the documents have not been updated, so it is vital to ensure all documents are read and checked before making them available to your team. when this occurred contacted the help line who rectified the issue quickly. Cerrie
  • A very user friendly system

    The files are a great way of keeping your service up to date.The onine system is good for office staff and managers for quick refThe support for the QCS staff on the phone and email is second to none. Michael
  • Portal navigation

    I phoned for advice on how to use and navigate the portal Dashboard and I found Amanda was very happy and helpful and I would feel comfortable phoning and asking for advice again thank you for a great service. Julie

Pricing Great Discounts available for Groups and Multiple locations – Call us to find out more

Standard Plan Full Payment (+VAT) Premium Compliance Plan 12 simple monthly payments including VAT

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