Quality Assurance

  • Simplicity – Just log-in and use the simple dashboard to access and record your activity.
  • Policies & Toolkits created by the UK’s leading knowledge experts, combined with up to 8,500 personalised pieces of information about your organisation.
  • All the tools required to manage QA in line with CQC requirements and business models
  • All of your policies are kept up to date and accessible 24/7 online and through your mobile app by all of your staff.

Every dental practice will be inspected from time to time by the regulator. However, there’s no need to worry. The QCS Dental Quality Assurance Module provides the confidence that comes from thorough preparation. Included with the module is the Mock Inspection Toolkit. This supports the QCS approach of fully integrating Quality Assurance within the process of providing dental care. The aim of the Mock Inspection Toolkit is to help identify any potential weaknesses in the quality of care and compliance. The Registered Manager should run through Mock Inspections regularly to track progress and identify where change may be required.

View the System

  • Dashboard

    Navigate your policies, procedures, compliance tools and more. Everything you need for compliance is located on your dashboard.

  • System Details

    Customising your system is quick and easy, just fill out your System Details section, and we’ll customise the policies for you!

  • Search Function

    It’s easy to find the policy you’re looking for using our Find a Document Box

  • Policy Centre

    Our Policy Centre houses all the policies and procedures included in your Quality Assurance Pack.

  • Custom Upload

    Our Custom Upload tool allows you to add your own documents to your system. This gives you the convenience of storing all your compliance documents in one place that your staff can access from any computer with internet access.

  • Manage Staff

    You can grant access to your system to as many staff as you like, then manage their status, and view when they last logged in and what they are looking at. A great way to ensure your staff are staying up to date on compliance.

Ongoing Support and Guidance for Quality Assurance (QA)

  1. Simplicity

    Just log-in and use the simple dashboard to access and record your activity.

  2. All the tools required

    to manage QA in line with CQC requirements and business models

  3. Easily upgrade

    to the Full Management System

  4. Includes supportive policies covering management responsibilities

    plus Audit Tools for corporate and clinical governance.

  5. Add your own

    documents to personalise the system for comprehensive QA compliance

  6. Customisable

    Lets you change fields to fit in with your own practice

  7. Regular email updates

    Compilation of your activity and text messages for urgent updates

  8. CQC

    Meets the CQC Definition of Quality Assurance

  9. Compliance

    With The Health and Social Care Act 2008 for QA

  10. Paperwork customised

    For CQC compliance, documents are personalised to your business

  11. Ease of mind

    Feel confident in being up to date

Time saver

Over 200 pages ready for you

A Simpler Way to Ensure CQC for Dental Practices’ Compliance

The QCS Dental Quality Assurance Module contains policies and procedures for supporting the management of safe and effective services in General Dental Practice .  This Module covers Quality Assurance in the areas of Management, HR, Listening to Patients and Clinical Governance .  Exclusively, this module enables you to achieve a `Gold Standard` in business practice and assure the high quality clinical care that patients expect.  This module also provides the capability to audit the quality of Corporate, Human and Clinical Governance.

QA (Quality Assurance) is often misunderstood and many practitioners do not fully engage with the process because they consider it time consuming and complex.   However, QA is one of the foundations of delivering high quality healthcare services and this module breaks the process down into easily digestible steps.  CQC requires evidence of Quality Assurance as part of the inspection process.

As with all `self-help` processes, it is essential to be honest and work through the workbooks and suggestions to get the best results.  The QCS Mock Inspection Toolkit enables you to undertake simulated inspections, measure your performance and set goals for improvement.  You can then be confident about providing high quality dental care which is compliant, appreciated by existing patients and that helps bring new patients to your door.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

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