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13th December 2012

Eventful year cannot defuse the urgent need for health & social care funding reform

Health and social care sector funding time bomb

Another eventful year draws to a close. In the social care sector there have been plenty of short term issues to distract us from longer running narratives…  …the elephant in the room - or one of them at least - continues to be growing old and getting older. With the aging population increasing the numbers of elderly requiring support, the funding time bomb continues to tick steadily. Around 250,000 extra citizens have swelled numbers in the 85+ age group of the UK’s population since 2004.

Building on work by the LSE, a report released in September by Age UK and Carers UK says more than 300,000 people quit work in 2010-11 to look after relatives and the number is increasing because of continuing cuts to care budgets. With austerity biting like this, the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement offered little hope by suggesting the economics that might support an increase in budgets once again may not arrive until 2018.

Crossfire between cuts, costs and statistics

There can be little doubt that reform of health and social care funding is urgently required. Successive governments pay lip service to protecting public services but like many difficult political issues that are not clear vote winners, they just keep on kicking the can down the road.

For those of us that provide care or that supply the care sector and are caught in the crossfire between budget cuts, increasing costs and worrying statistical trends, there is no alternative other than to deal with the situation as best we can. For many aspects of the care system, central government’s austerity mantra ‘do more with less’ is just a fanciful notion. However, there is one area where this principle can be applied with stunning results - compliance management.

Exceptional value CQC compliance management with QCS

Using a ‘traditional’ manual approach to achieve compliance with Care Quality Commission requirements is inherently inefficient and may be deemed ineffective in instances where it contributes to compliance failure. Replacing a manual approach and labour intensive processes enables care managers to make best use of time and ensures access to policies and procedures that are written by compliance experts and customised to the particular needs of your care organisation.

With the need to stretch the budgets that are available as far as they can, stripping out unnecessary costs like compliance consultants and the CQC fines that result from compliance failure means more budget is available to provide the processes that support the delivery of high quality care.

A QCS compliance management system enables the highest standards of care to be provided at an excellent cost point. The compliance management system offers exceptional value through providing instant fingertip access to policies and procedures that are updated in step with regulatory change and completely aligned with purpose of CQC compliance and successfully passing inspection.

Follow this link to read the article Crisis in social care costs Britain over £5bn a year at

*All information is correct at the time of publishing

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