CQC Registration

  • Simplicity – Just log-in and use the simple dashboard to access your policies
  • Comprehensive content – Over 100 documents to help and back-up your registration
  • Customisable – Upload your own policies to expand the library
  • All of your policies are kept up to date and accessible 24/7 online and through your mobile app by all of your staff.

To begin to help you learn about meeting the Essential Standards and to answer the registration questions, the Quality Compliance Systems module includes policies and procedures which cover a broad cross-section of the Regulated Activities relevant to your practice. These are Administration; CQC Compliance; Clinical Governance; Health & Safety; HR; Premises, Equipment and Quality Assurance.

View the system

  • Dashboard

    Navigate your policies, procedures, compliance tools and more. Everything you need for compliance is located on your dashboard.

  • System Details

    Customising your system is quick and easy, just fill out your System Details section, and we’ll customise the policies for you!

  • Search Function

    It’s easy to find the policy you’re looking for using our Find a Document Box

  • Policy Centre

    Our Policy Centre houses all of your policies and procedures. Health and Safety, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Clinical Governance, Quality Assurance and more, you’ll find everything you need here.

  • Custom Upload

    Our Custom Upload tool allows you to add your own documents to your system. This gives you the convenience of storing all your compliance documents in one place that your staff can access from any computer with internet access.

  • Manage Staff

    You can grant access to your system to as many staff as you like, then manage their status, and view when they last logged in and what they are looking at. A great way to ensure your staff are staying up to date on compliance.

Ongoing Support and Guidance for CQC Registration

  1. Comprehensive content

    Over 100 documents to help and back-up your registration

  2. Customisable

    Upload your own policies to expand the library

  3. Everything you need

    for an easy registration process

  4. Easily upgrade

    to the Full Management System

  5. Inclusive of

    Evidence Base Policy, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Medicines Policy

  6. Regular email updates

    Reminders for actions and text messages for urgent updates

  7. Simplicity

    Just log-in and use the simple dashboard to access your policies

  8. Compliance

    with The Health and Social Care Act 2008

  9. CQC

    Compliant with the need for Quality Assurance

  10. Personalised documents

    Not generic or blank policies

  11. Ease of mind

    Feel confident in the process

Time saver

Over 650 pages ready for you

Coping with the CQC Registration Requirements

On 1st April 2013 it became a requirement for all General Medical Practices to register with the Care Quality Commission. This makes it an offence under criminal law to operate an unregistered medical practice. For many doctors and practice managers registration may seem a difficult and time consuming task. In part this is due to a ‘culture shock factor’; few will have had close up exposure to such stringent regulatory control before. To help single-handed practitioners and new partnerships with the CQC registration process, we have formulated a Registration Module. This provides you with the core set of CQC compliant policies and procedures that are needed during the initial stage.

This group of policies form the foundation of how your practice is run, and enable you to confidently complete the CQC registration process. You will probably want to expand this set of core policies and procedures to achieve `Gold Standard` compliance; however, this can be attained as your workload permits. Most of the hard work has been done and all the necessary areas to register successfully are covered in the core set.

Case Studies

Many of our clients choose to go ‘on the record’, telling the story of why they selected QCS to solve their problems and how it has helped them to take control of compliance.

  • Always very helpful

    Always very helpful, able to go the extra mile to assist with individual concerns. Helpline staff can signpost you to the best person for your query and follow up is very professional Ginny
  • The system is so simplistic to use…

    The system is so simplistic to use especially for someone who isn't good with IT. It is easy to navigate around the system and find all the policies. The techical support you receive is fantastic, you don't ever feel you have bought something then been abandoned. After only 10 days I am feeling the benefit of this system. It is going to be so beneficial to my company. Highly recommend. Beverley
  • Very friendly with great expertise

    Kate was extremely helpful and friendly and had sound knowledge of the system. She made me feel more confident in using the system and showed me great things on the system, which worked hand in hand with my job role. Great system, amazing friendly staff. Keep up the good work. Kayla

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