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24th January 2013

Ignoring CQC not an option as GP surgeries threatened with closure after failing to respond to correspondence

CQC statement signals intent to be tough

A CQC statement released on 22nd January has revealed that the commission intends to refuse the registration of two GP practices for failing to respond to correspondence. This will effectively mean the closure of the surgeries as continuing to practice without registration after the deadline on 1st April will invite the CQC to use the full force of its powers to initiate legal proceedings which have the potential to result in hefty fines or worse.

Practices and GMC had raised initial concerns

The initial question of standards at the two practices originated from the practices themselves and the GMC. This shows that at least one of them was conscientious and self-aware of any shortcomings; however this seems to carry no favour with the CQC. The practices were given a window of 28 days within which to challenge and appeal against the CQC’s decision. The CQC also stated that it hopes to resolve the issues with the two practices before 1st April and that 95% of practices have registered before the deadline.

If you are in the 5% of GPs not registered…

Registration and compliance is a matter of some complexity as it requires key information to be submitted. This approach will be new to many and may seem daunting to practice managers and GPs tasked with overseeing registration and ongoing compliance processes. It can be tempting to stick your head in the sand and ignore correspondence and the CQC requirements. The experience of many is that it is time consuming, especially if you are attempting to do it by using the DIY approach of reviewing lengthy legislative instruments, CQC and DoH guidance and then create your own policy and procedure documentation.

QCS compliance management has already done it for you

With a QCS compliance management system, there’s no need to waste valuable time poring over regulatory bumph and writing hundreds of policies and procedures. QCS compliance experts have done it all for you and distilled it into a system that makes registration and ongoing compliance as simple as possible. This enables registration to be achieved within tight timescales safe in the knowledge that none of the required information can be omitted. QCS compliance management systems offer exceptional value and provide an easily navigable framework for GPs to meet their ongoing compliance requirements and pass inspection.

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