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11th December 2012

Nuffield Trust review may mean Ofsted style approach to inspections and revised compliance requirements

New man at DoH fiercely critical of services he controls

As we reported the week before last in the article ‘We treat our hospital and care home patients with contempt and indifference’, retrieved from the Daily Mail on 29 November, Jeremy Hunt has been fiercely critical of the services he controls in a speech to health professionals given in Central London.

Consequently, the Nuffield Trust is now conducting a review and is to report by March on how the public can obtain a simple means of judging the quality of a hospital or care home. This may produce the recommendation of an Ofsted style approach to inspections and reporting for the health and social care sector.

One of the key factors behind this stems from the way The Care Quality Commission is set up to evaluate service providers. It assesses whether service providers are meeting a minimum standard. This is believed to have helped obscure the outrageous cases of cruelty and neglect, such as those that were eventually uncovered at Mid Staffs NHS trust and Winterbourne View.

If the health and social care sector was a service user…

Mr Hunt, the former Culture minister, displayed impeccable timing in getting to grips with his new remit. On the very day of the speech, he was given a clean bill of health when cleared unequivocally of any inappropriate bias into the expansion of News Corporation’s UK media interests by the Leveson Inquiry into press standards. Let’s hope that Mr Hunt’s bedside manner is warmer than that of his predecessor, Andrew Lansley.

If the health and social care sector was a service user, we could say the patient is in need of some remedial treatment; however, it may not respond that well to a regime that is overly prescriptive. Like all good service user oriented care, a pleasant bedside manner should include tact and understanding, to help speed the road to recovery.

QCS compliance management remains in step with change

Quite what the Nuffield Trust’s review will produce is unknown, but it is difficult to ignore the possibility that its recommendations could result in revisions to the CQC’s compliance and reporting framework. Whatever the changes to the framework, you can be sure that a QCS compliance management system will remain up to date. Our team of compliance experts assesses changes in legislation and CQC guidance to ensure our management system remains in step with regulatory requirements.

To see how easily a QCS compliance management system can help your organisation keep in step with changing CQC compliance policies and procedures, please click this link to sign up for our FREE trial.

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