Policy Updates

Care Home (Mental Health over 18)

Document Modified Date: 15/08/2014 08:34

Consumption of Alcohol Policy and Procedure

Administration Registration & Compliance Region: | Reference: AR36

NEW: A new policy to assess the consumption of alcohol against the attendant risks and control avoidable risks.

Document Modified Date: 14/08/2014 09:09

Quality Meetings Policy and Procedure

Quality Assurance Management of Quality Assurance Region: | Reference: QQ11

This policy has been updated to give additional instruction on how to empower and involve all workers in the continuous improvement of quality of service, and the reduction of costs.

Document Modified Date: 05/08/2014 15:21

Door Access Restrictions Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Region: | Reference: HR05

Additional direction has been added regarding how to proceed if you have concerns that locking doors in the home may be depriving people of their liberty.

Document Modified Date: 23/07/2014 15:21

Catheter Care Policy and Procedure

Care Management Care Practice Region: | Reference: CC75

NEW: This a new policy developed to set out good practice for the management of catheter systems.

Document Modified Date: 23/07/2014 13:22

Child Protection Policy and Procedure

Administration Registration & Compliance Region: | Reference: AR01

This policy has been updated to comply with safe practice where children visit a registered premise or the service user’s own home.

Document Modified Date: 24/06/2014 11:39

Job Description – Apprentice Carer

Human Resources Job Descriptions Region: | Reference: PJ38

NEW: A new job description has been added to give details of the main functions and duties of an Apprentice Carer.

Document Modified Date: 24/06/2014 09:24

Apprenticeship Agreement Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: PR20

NEW: A new policy providing an Apprenticeship Agreement, in line with recent legislation.

Document Modified Date: 17/06/2014 14:33

Resuscitation Policy and Procedure

Care Planning Risk Assessment & Care Planning Region: | Reference: CP07

This policy has been revised to incorporate guidance regarding best interests decisions where service users lack mental capacity and advance decisions and advance directives regarding life-sustaining treatment in the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Document Modified Date: 17/06/2014 13:41

Management of Medical Devices Policy and Procedure

Care Management Care Practice Region: | Reference: CC73

NEW: A new policy setting out the principle responsibilities of Providers to manage medical devices in accordance with current MHRA guidelines.

Document Modified Date: 27/05/2014 17:48

Supporting Independence with Holidays Policy and Procedure

Care Management Care Practice Region: | Reference: CC74

NEW: This policy was created to assist you with supporting service users to undertake holidays.

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