Policy Updates

Century Health Care

Document Modified Date: 09/05/2017 16:05

Flooding Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Health & Safety Region: | Reference: HS03

Policy updated into the new format and additional information added, including hyperlinks to key agencies on flood measures. This is an updated policy for residential services and a new addition for community services.

Document Modified Date: 13/04/2017 11:52

Flexible Working Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Equality & Disability Region: | Reference: PE02

This policy has been updated into the new QCS policy format. It sets out a clear and concise outline of the right to request flexible working along with the process that should be followed.

Document Modified Date: 11/04/2017 13:35

Redundancy Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Miscellaneous Region: | Reference: PM04

This policy has been reviewed and updated into the new QCS policy format.

Document Modified Date: 27/03/2017 15:47

Minimum Wage Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Contract of Employment Region: | Reference: PC09

Updated to reference the government website so NMW and NLW rates are consistently kept up to date.

Document Modified Date: 21/03/2017 12:05

Overarching Medication Policy and Procedure

Medications Management Medications Management Region: | Reference: CM02

This is your new Overarching Medication Policy and Procedure. It is part of a simplification of our previous Medications Policy. Additional policies will follow. Until all new polices are available, you will still have access to the previous policy under reference code CM02L, Medications Policy and Procedure (Legacy).

Document Modified Date: 14/03/2017 09:07

Wound Care Management Policy and Procedure

Care Planning Risk Assessment & Care Planning Region: | Reference: CP16

Policy converted to new format. Updated to reflect the Royal Marsden 9th Edition recommendations and NICE wound management resources.

Document Modified Date: 13/03/2017 15:34

Alcohol and Drugs Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: PP02

The policy has been converted to the new policy format. The new policy outlines the expectations on both individuals who are suffering from alcohol/drug abuse and on other staff members who suspect their colleagues are suffering from the effects of alcohol/drug abuse. The policy also includes a right of search and a right to request that individuals submit to a medical examination if they are suspected of breach of the policy. The policy links to the Discipline Policy and Procedure and the Capability Policy and Procedure.

Document Modified Date: 17/02/2017 10:56

Management of Stress Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Miscellaneous Region: | Reference: PM02

Changes to this policy include a conversion to the new policy format, introduction of clearer process for recognising the causes and impact of work stress, introduction of clearer procedure for raising issues informally/formally, requiring regular risk assessments to be conducted to identify stressors and reduce the risks from stressors.

Document Modified Date: 15/02/2017 13:49

Absenteeism Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: PP01

To create a clear distinction between the procedures which apply to staff who have persistent short term absence, those who are suffering from long term ill health and those with conduct issues.

To clarify the procedure which should be used to address issues of short term absence.

Document Modified Date: 15/02/2017 12:15

Adoption Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Absence, Holidays and Sickness Region: | Reference: PA01

The policy has been converted to the new policy format. The policy has been overhauled to provide more clarification on eligibility for adoption leave and the notification requirements. The policy is also more clear on eligibility for adoption pay. There is more of an explanation of when leave will apply to overseas adoptions and in surrogacy situations. There is also reference to third party resources so that any updates in statutory adoption pay will always be up-to-date.

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