Policy Updates

Safeguarding - Dental

Document Modified Date: 17/01/2019 15:01

Management and Prevention of Violence at Work Policy and Procedure

Quality Assurance Management of Quality Assurance Region: | Reference: DQQ04

Policy reviewed and amended to reflect changes in current legislation and best practice. Updated to the new QCS format and reflecting CQC and other stakeholder requirements.

Document Modified Date: 16/10/2018 12:26

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

Clinical Governance Risk Management and Safeguarding Region: | Reference: DCR05

Policy reviewed and revised. Additional content includes training to meet the 2018 Adult Safeguarding Roles and Competencies which applies to Dental Services and a new fact sheet on County Lines and Cuckooing. This policy and procedure reflect current best practice. However, the documents must be reviewed and amended to reflect the local policies, procedures and the service being delivered before it can be embedded within the Business. An additional custom field has been included which refers to the Provider’s own local Authority Safeguarding Team. System details in the QCS Management system will need to be updated to reflect the Local Authority Name.

Document Modified Date: 20/09/2018 15:43

Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Health & Safety Region: | Reference: DHS01

This policy has been updated to the new QCS format with the addition of a Statement of Intent template which can be located in the forms section of the policy.

Document Modified Date: 24/07/2018 13:26

Serious Incident Notification Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Health & Safety Region: | Reference: DHS08

Policy converted to new QCS format with the addition of other reporting requirements when serious events occur as well as necessary regulatory notifications. Included is the requirement to provide support under the Duty of Candour.

Document Modified Date: 23/07/2018 15:03

CCTV Policy and Procedure

Maintenance Risk Assessment & Safety Region: | Reference: DMR07

Policy converted to new QCS format. This policy dovetails with the Home Office and ICO codes of practice when using surveillance. Updated to reference the General Data Protection Regulation (2016) and provide access to further resources and self-assessment tools to aid compliance.

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