Policy Updates

Safeguarding - Mental Health Care Home

Document Modified Date: 09/03/2015 09:51

Sex and Sexuality Policy and Procedure

Care Management Rights & Abuse Region: | Reference: CR32

This policy has been revised to incorporate issues of capacity and consent with regard to recent mental capacity and sexual offences legislation, and to incorporate more recent guidance on sexuality and intimate relationships in care homes.

Document Modified Date: 26/01/2015 13:05

Recruitment Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: PR12

A policy update to incorporate the provisions of The Employment Relations Act 1999 (Blacklists) Regulations 2010 which have recently come into effect.

Document Modified Date: 23/07/2014 13:22

Child Protection Policy and Procedure

Administration Registration & Compliance Region: | Reference: AR01

This policy has been updated to comply with safe practice where children visit a registered premise or the service user’s own home.

Document Modified Date: 15/05/2014 14:01

Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: PR03

Updated to include additional information pertaining to the “Standards of conduct, performance and ethics” published by the HCPC.

Document Modified Date: 11/04/2014 08:21

Mobility Policy and Procedure

Care Management Care Practice Region: | Reference: CC21

This policy has been updated to assist you in promoting optimum physical health and independence of movement for all service users.

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