Policy Updates

Scotland - Registration - Supported Living

Document Modified Date: 01/07/2020 14:07

Absenteeism Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: SPP01

This policy, along with the Capability Policy and Procedure; Discipline Policy and Procedure and Grievance Policy and Procedure are equally important. This is one of the policies which covers the formal interaction between staff and management when there is a problem which needs to be addressed, and sets out an appropriate process for this which complies with the ACAS guidance on this subject.

Document Modified Date: 25/06/2020 16:05

Development Appraisal Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: SPR01

This policy will support management and staff on arranging and delivering appraisals to all staff. It signposts to the SSSC ‘Step into Leadership’ programme. The policy has been reviewed with minimal changes. References and links have been checked and remain current.

Document Modified Date: 23/06/2020 12:48

Access to Information Policy and Procedure

Administration Communications Region: | Reference: SAC01

This policy will guide staff on how to access information and what steps to take if individuals request information, adhering to best practice. It has been reviewed with minimal change. References and links have been checked and remain current.

Document Modified Date: 19/06/2020 14:05

Grievances Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: SPP04

This policy is one of the main policies governing the relationship between employees and their employers. It sets out a formal process that an employer is obliged to deal with. The policy has been reviewed with no significant changes made and references checked and updated.

Document Modified Date: 10/06/2020 15:47

Disclosure Scotland Code of Practice Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Miscellaneous Region: | Reference: SPM14

This policy will guide relevant staff who deal with the recruitment of staff about which roles require which level of PVG. The storage and disposal of such confidential information is paramount and this policy will direct staff on how to manage this. The policy now includes information on checking overseas staff.

Document Modified Date: 05/06/2020 16:16

Financial Viability Guidance

Registration and Inspections Fees Region: | Reference: SRI03

This policy will guide the relevant staff on how to ensure the service maintains its financial viability and advice on measuring and discussing this on a monthly basis to ensure continued growth.

Document Modified Date: 05/06/2020 14:55

How to Register a Care Service Policy and Procedure

Registration and Inspections Registration Region: | Reference: SRI02

This policy will help a prospective provider to register a new service with the Care Inspectorate. It has been reviewed with minimal changes, references and links have been checked and remain current.

Document Modified Date: 27/05/2020 15:54

Unable to Attend Workplace Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Absence, Holidays and Sickness Region: | Reference: SPA09

The policy has been updated to make reference to furlough and explain why it is not relevant to this policy. This policy governs what steps should be taken and what considerations are taken into account when deciding if it is too dangerous for an employee to attend work due to adverse weather or other external factors out of the employee’s control.

Document Modified Date: 21/05/2020 15:29

Service User Personal Planning Policy and Procedure

Care Management Risk Assessment and Personal Planning Region: | Reference: SCP20

This policy will support staff to develop person centred care plans in partnership with the service user. There are many resources which will guide them on using best practice. The policy has been review with minimal changes, references and links checked and remain current.

Document Modified Date: 30/04/2020 13:49

Service User Guide

Administration Registration & Compliance Region: | Reference: SAR12

The Service User Guide has been fully revised and updated to reflect Data Protection, Accessible Information and additional information on complaints. Revised information on withdrawal of services to bring the Service User Guide in line with policy. A significant number of new custom fields have been included to ensure the document is bespoke. QCS System details will need to be up to date to make sure that all custom fields are fully reflected. Providers must read and adapt the Service User Guide where required, to ensure that it fully reflects their service.

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