Policy Updates

Wales - Domiciliary Care - Dementia Centre

Document Modified Date: 18/10/2021 15:52

Smoking at Work Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Miscellaneous Region: | Reference: WPM15

This policy governs where employees and other site visitors can and cannot smoke and makes clear what the implications are should any of these rules be breached. This policy has been reviewed to ensure it remains current with minor content updates and further reading information added.

Document Modified Date: 18/10/2021 15:29

Compassionate Leave Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Hub Human Resources COVID-19 Region: | Reference: WPA13

This policy governs what actions an employer should take in the event one of their employees suffers the death or serious injury of a close family member. It has been reviewed with no significant changes. The references have also been checked and updated.

Document Modified Date: 15/10/2021 16:15

Management and Prevention of Violence at Work Policy and Procedure

Quality Assurance Administration Quality Assurance Region: | Reference: WQQ17

This policy will support a service to manage and prevent violence at work. It has been reviewed and additional definitions included. The requirements for reporting under RIDDOR of Acts of Non-Consensual violence, where it results in an injury of a severity specified by RIDDOR as reportable, has also been included and updates made throughout. References also checked to ensure they remain current.

Document Modified Date: 15/10/2021 14:00

Mental Health Act 1983 and Regulations 2008 Policy and Procedure

Care Management Rights & Abuse Region: | Reference: WCR12

This policy will provide staff with an understanding of the Mental Health Act 1983 and regulations. It has been reviewed with clarification of the human rights basis of care as well as the clarification of powers to give compulsory treatment and when they apply or do not apply. References have also been checked to ensure they remain current.

Document Modified Date: 15/10/2021 08:25

Manager’s Development Appraisal Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: WPR17

This policy will support with managing the appraisal process to ensure the development of managers within a service. It has been reviewed with only minor changes to wording. References have been checked and updated.

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