Policy Updates

Wales - Mental Health

Document Modified Date: 05/06/2020 16:02

Admissions During COVID-19 Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Hub Care Management COVID-19 Region: | Reference: WCC121

This policy outlines the process for admissions of individuals to the service during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been reviewed and information updated in relation to swab testing and symptoms of COVID-19.

Document Modified Date: 04/06/2020 17:26

Swabbing Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Hub Care Management COVID-19 Region: | Reference: WCC94

Policy has been updated to reflect the changes to swab testing in Wales. A procedure for care home Individuals and staff has been included as well as the procedure for testing updated. References have also been included that staff should familiarise themselves with.

Document Modified Date: 02/06/2020 14:33

Coronavirus Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Hub Health and Safety COVID-19 Region: | Reference: WHS15

Policy updated to reflect the recent update to guidance for those who are shielding with an additional reference also included in relation to this.

Document Modified Date: 01/06/2020 14:38

Covert Medication Policy and Procedure

Medications Management Medications Management Region: | Reference: WCM17

Policy reviewed and updated. Now includes reference to COVID-19 and the importance of ensuring that the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 are consistently followed when making decisions regarding the administration of medication covertly.

Document Modified Date: 01/06/2020 11:28

Obtaining Medical Reports Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: WPP06

This policy has been reviewed with minor content changes including the Welsh Lines of Enquiry being added and references checked and updated.

Document Modified Date: 29/05/2020 16:38

Pandemic Policy and Procedure

COVID-19 Hub Health and Safety COVID-19 Region: | Reference: WHS14

This policy has been updated in line with the continual changes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular the lockdown changes announced for 1st June 2020. It must be read with the Infection Control Policy and Procedure, the Business Continuity Policy and Procedure and Coronavirus Policy and Procedure. The policy outlines what actions must be taken to prepare for a pandemic. Resources have also been updated to ensure they remain current.

Document Modified Date: 29/05/2020 10:40

Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Region: | Reference: WHR03

This policy details the risk assessment process to ensure that any risks that may occur within a service are reduced or controlled. It has been updated to reflect the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with new sections added. References have also been added and existing ones checked to ensure they remain current.

Document Modified Date: 27/05/2020 16:38

Appearance Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Contract of Employment Region: | Reference: WPC06

This policy outlines the approach of {Client_Name_Official} to the appearance of its staff in relation to uniform and dress. It has been reviewed and updated, with reference added to coronavirus. The references have also been reviewed and a further reading link to the Government coronavirus webpage has been added.

Document Modified Date: 27/05/2020 16:34

Unable to Attend Workplace Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Absence, Holidays and Sickness Region: | Reference: WPA09

The policy has been updated to make reference to furlough and explain why it is not relevant to this policy. This policy governs what steps should be taken and what considerations are taken into account when deciding if it is too dangerous for an employee to attend work due to adverse weather or other external factors out of the employee’s control. Reference have also been checked and updated and the Welsh Lines of Enquiry added in to support how this policy meets the regulations.

Document Modified Date: 27/05/2020 15:41

Right to Work Checks Policy and Procedure

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: WPR16

The policy has been updated to include the changes to Right to Work Checks during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The policy governs the method to be used when ensuring that recruits have the right to work in the UK.

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