Policy Updates

Wales - Registration - Learning Disability

Document Modified Date: 22/11/2019 16:25

Information Pack Policy and Procedure

Administration Communications Region: | Reference: WAC08

This policy details how the service will ensure that potential service users are provided with information about the service and includes reference to the accessible information standards. The policy has been reviewed, some minor changes only and references updated.

Document Modified Date: 26/11/2018 10:33

Registration Authority Notification Policy and Procedure

Administration Communications Region: | Reference: WAC11

Updated to the new QCS format with an emphasis on audit and addition of the Data Protection Act.

Document Modified Date: 25/09/2018 07:24

General Management Protocol Policy and Procedure

Quality Assurance Care Management Quality Assurance Region: | Reference: WQA05

This policy has been reviewed and converted into the new QCS policy format. It has evolved to now include organisational structure and delegation in management as well as detailing line management standards and regulatory notifications in the unlikely event of a home manager absence.

Document Modified Date: 29/04/2016 14:23

Recruitment Pack – Individual Applicant Pack

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: WPR10

This Recruitment Pack has been updated to expand on the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.

Document Modified Date: 27/04/2016 10:05

Recruitment Pack – Recruit Specification

Human Resources Recruitment, Induction and Training Region: | Reference: WPR09

This policy has been updated to include reference to the 9 protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

Document Modified Date: 13/07/2015 13:57

Job Description – Nominated Person

Human Resources Job Descriptions Region: | Reference: WPJ23

The nominated person job description has been updated to incorporate reporting to Board of Directors or Board of Trustees as applicable

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