Policy Updates

Document Modified Date: 03/12/2019 09:22

CCTV and Use of Hidden Cameras Policy and Procedure #4

Residential Services Risk Assessment & Safety Region: | Reference: WMR07

This policy outlines the approach to take in relation to CCTV systems and the use of hidden cameras, in line with current codes of practice. The policy has been reviewed, links have been updated and the link to the ICO has been amended to reflect changes to their website. Content around the use of hidden cameras has been included and as such the title of this policy has changed from ‘CCTV Policy and Procedure’ to ‘CCTV and Use of Hidden Cameras Policy and Procedure’. Two further procedures added relating to considering the use of hidden surveillance to monitor care practice as well as action to take in the event of discovery surveillance in use. This has been supported by an additional reference.

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