Policy Updates

Document Modified Date: 12/10/2020 14:33

Moonlighting Policy and Procedure #3

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: SPP05

This policy governs the rules when an employee or worker is seeking work with a third-party employer. It ensures that there is a process for permission to be sought and granted for employees by employers and also makes workers aware of their obligation to ensure that their employer knows how many hours they may be working elsewhere. The policy outlines the obligations that an employer is subject to, to ensure that there is no breach of the Working Time Regulations and any Health and Safety legislation and/or guidance as well as ensuring a two-way dialogue is created to share the necessary information between both parties. The policy has been updated to simplify the wording and procedures and also to introduce the option of a trial period for private working so long as this is subject to the employer being fully aware and in control of this and the Key Facts section has been updated to take account of this. An additional useful form has been added to request details of work done by the

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