Policy Updates

Document Modified Date: 25/01/2017 12:51

Capability Policy and Procedure #5

Human Resources Performance & Discipline Region: | Reference: PP07

The name of the policy has been changed to Capability Policy and Procedure to avoid any overlap with the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure as poor performance can sometimes be a misconduct issue. It was previously titled Poor Performance and Capability Policy and Procedure.

The policy now sets out a clear step-by-step process for dealing with capability issues (i.e. where an employee ‘can’t’ do the job either because of a lack of skill, knowledge or medical capability) and references the Sickness Absence Policy where the capability issue is caused by ill health.

Management should understand that the Discipline Policy and Procedure is to be used for misconduct issues i.e. where someone can do something but won’t whereas this policy deals with cases where a person can’t do a particular job or task properly due to a lack of skill, knowledge, experience or on health grounds.

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