Policy Updates

Document Modified Date: 15/02/2022 17:23

Reducing Physical Intervention Policy and Procedure #3

Care Management Rights & Abuse Region: | Reference: WCR17

This policy will support staff with understanding and using restraint in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It has been reviewed and the title changed from Restraint Policy and Procedure to Reducing Physical Intervention Policy and Procedure. It has been significantly updated with some important key points related to learning, governance and decision making. Additional forms added and information in relation to key document ‘Reducing Restrictive Practices’ framework produced by the Welsh Government. Updated Line of Enquiry and legislation added, key information in relation to personal planning, learning and development, sustaining injuries, physical health monitoring after physical intervention, corporate governance, key facts and key referencing. New forms added for post-physical intervention events and staff de-brief.

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