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19th September 2012

QCS launches management system specifically for SCSWIS compliance in Scotland

Case for Scotland’s independence supported by health needs

The full independence of Scotland from the UK remains one of the most passionate political questions of our time. The referendum may be scheduled for the autumn of 2014, even if the framing of the referendum question is still a bone of contention between Westminster and Holyrood.

Whatever the exact shape of the question and the outcome of putting it to Scotland’s electorate, the fact remains Scotland already has devolved administrative powers in a number of areas of national and strategic importance. Devolved matters include Agriculture, Justice, Education and Health.

Some health trends in Scotland are outliers in terms of the UK’s demography. The gap in life expectancy is perhaps the most prominent example. Average life expectancy across Scotland as a whole is pulled down by the significantly reduced rate in pockets where there are severe social problems. Tragic as this is in human dimensions, it is also politically significant, because it demonstrates that Scotland has its own needs and that there is a case for stronger powers of self determination and perhaps full independence.

Two countries but the same compliance problems for registered managers

As a natural consequence of already devolved Health, Scotland has a different compliance regime to England. The Care Inspectorate, formally the Social Care and Social Work Improvement for Scotland (SCSWIS), essentially occupies the same position in Scotland’s health structure as the CQC in England. Much the same as the CQC, the Care Inspectorate was created by the legislature. Its mission broadly parallels that of the CQC to ensure standards of quality and safety.

England and Scotland may become separate sovereign states one day and the compliance framework may continue to differ. However, if a good management system is not in place, the impact that achieving compliance has on registered managers in both territories is usually the same - lots of time and effort spent on compliance activities such as ploughing through manuals and guidance.

QCS management system specifically for Scotland

In October 2012 QCS is launching a range of health and adult social care management systems tailored for Scotland in October. This transposes the expertise that we offer in England over to meet the specific needs of Scotland.

A QCS management system for SCSWIS compliance provides ready-to-go policies and procedures for care homes (with and without nursing), domiciliary care , supported living establishments and care services for mental health and learning difficulties. These are specifically written to meet the needs of compliance in Scotland. You won’t find ambiguous points of policy in a Scottish QCS management system. Our expertly produced documentation is up to date at all times, in step with the requirements of any changes issued by the SCSWIS.

With a QCS management system you get a complete guide to registering with the Care Inspectorate and a Mock Inspection Toolkit to help you prepare for the Inspectorate’s visits. Our focus on producing leading management systems helps those providing regulated services in Scotland to achieve compliance at the lowest cost because it avoids the need for external compliance consultants and allows registered managers to make best use of time by efficiently undertaking compliance activities using internal resources.

*All information is correct at the time of publishing

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