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My Life My Choice

Phone: 01865 204214
Website: https://www.mylifemychoice.org.uk/

MLMC is an Oxfordshire based charity with a national profile whose prime objective is to raise the self-esteem and quality of life for people with learning disabilities. They do this by campaigning, and providing volunteering, training, employment and social opportunities for its members. MLMC also work with other organisations to help produce information for people with learning and communication difficulties that is simple and easy to understand.

The charity is an independent, user-led, self-advocacy organisation (all 15 trustees have learning disabilities). The membership has grown from 320 to over 500 since January 2009.

In October 2013 My Life My Choice won the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award.

David Cameron said: “I’ve seen at first hand the great work this organisation does. From support using public transport to club nights, My Life My Choice empowers people with learning difficulties to design and run the services they want to see.  This Big Society Award recognises the huge difference everyone involved in the charity is making.”

My Life My Choice’s activities include:

  • Self-advocacy groups – MLMC runs 13 monthly self-advocacy groups throughout Oxfordshire. The groups provide safe but challenging opportunities for people to meet up and be part of their community, as well as learning valuable new skills.
  • Stingray nightclub – Run by and for people who have a learning disability , and hosted by a popular nightclub in central Oxford.
  • Sting Radio – A show planned and presented by DJs who have a learning disability.
  • Champions – Our Champions campaign, lobby, and speak up on the local and national stage for themselves and other people who have a learning disability.
  • Travel Buddy – Peer led training that supports adults who have a learning disability to travel independently using public transport.
  • Power up – Our members are “experts by experience”. They use their knowledge of having a learning disability to train professionals.

MLMC has been featured in a number of publications, such as:

  • Learning Disability Today
  • British Medical Journal
  • New Internationalist
  • Local and national press
  • PULSE magazine
  • Learning Disability Practice magazine
  • British Journal of Learning Disabilities
  • Department of Health’s “Six Lives” report


MLMC is also affiliated with the Associate of National Development Team for Inclusion and the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities.

MLMC will work on a number of projects to help make QCS policies much more inclusive for people with a learning disability or communication difficulties. We think you will be most excited to see the addition of new easy read materials and videos that we will be adding to the website over the coming months.

Contact My Life My Choice directly

To find out more, simply call My Life My Choice on 01865 204214 or complete the form below and My Life My Choice will be in touch with you shortly.

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