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The Daily Sparkle

Phone: 0800 228 9698
Website: https://www.dailysparkle.co.uk/

The Daily Sparkle is a reminiscence newspaper that features topics, stories and people from the past.

Presented in an easy-to-read format, it is used in a care home or domestic setting to provide conversation topics. The articles trigger happy and precious memories of the persons earlier life and, very importantly, get them engaged, talking and interacting. Each newspaper comes with additional Carers Notes which provide background info, further questions and ideas to generate conversation amongst your residents.

We are passionate about enabling the elderly and those living with dementia to live a happy, stimulated, fulfilled life. We believe that old age or dementia doesn't have to be a barrier to friendship, conversation, fun and laughter. Living with dementia can still mean life is full and has value. Moving into a care home can also lead to positive experiences and new friendships.

The Daily Sparkle can become a familiar friend in a world that can seem unpredictable. Even the routine of reading our daily or weekly paper can be a source of comfort to residents, while a clear reference to the days' date helps with orientation. As well as our daily newspaper, we also offer:

  • Resources Toolbox a digital library of easy to use activities, quizzes, puzzles and more;
  • Our easy to use app, featuring interactive quizzes as well as the Daily Sparkle and music;
  • Reminiscence music and video playlists each month;
  • A weekly newspaper;
  • A monthly magazine;
  • Online and in-person training courses for Activity Coordinators
  • A personalised version of The Daily Sparkle called The Sparkling Times for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.


The Daily Sparkle

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