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Every new business you introduce that becomes a QCS customer, we will pay you up to £600*. On your 4th successful referral in a 12 month period, we will pay you a £500 bonus reward. Referring a business only takes 30 seconds by completing the form on the right!

For the best chance of success, contact your referred friend and let ask them to check their inbox for our email invite.

Here is a simple table to show how much reward you can get:

Product                                             purchased Referral         reward                     for you Referral discount for your friend
Compliance Centre + Audit Centre + Dementia Centre £600 £300
Compliance Centre + Audit Centre £500 £250
Compliance Centre + Dementia Centre £400 £200
Compliance Centre £350 £150

With one successful recommendation a week you can earn up to £2,900 a month…so what are you waiting for? Start referring now!

Ts & Cs apply.* The reward is dependent on how many QCS products the new customer signs up to.

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