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17th May 2013

Reform to bring 450,000 more service users into the system as social care is cut by £800 million

Increasing the existing £2 billion budget reduction

Research showed £800m was likely to be taken from the £16bn adult social care budget this year. This represents an expansion of the £2 billion budget reduction that has been inflicted over the past two years. The research by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services was accompanied by the stark warning that "the bleak outlook becomes even bleaker".

The draft social care and support bill to reform the care system which was included in the Queen’s Speech is destined to cap the contributions of the elderly requiring care to £72,000 from 2016. This will bring around 450,000 extra service users into the care system.

So, budgets down and service user numbers up

Budgets down… Service user numbers up… the familiar mantra of do ‘more with less’ looks like it is going to be around for a considerable time to come.

Unfortunately, ‘more with less’ has been hijacked by spin doctors and applied thoughtlessly which has lead to it being a turn-off to many. However, we should avoid dismissing it out of hand. This is because it encapsulates a powerful principle for our time which applies across the whole of society and business - efficiency.

Do ‘more with less’ with QCS compliance management

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Click here to see the article ‘Social care in England has bleak future on £800m cuts’ at

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