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21st November 2012

Squaring the circle with QCS compliance management

Scotland’s health inequalities report in political and social context

The thought provoking article ‘Scotland’s health inequality worst in Europe’ article, from which we reprinted here earlier this week, examines the findings of the fifth ‘Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities’ report from the Scottish Government. Using a variety of other sources the article puts the findings into political and social context.

The source site is socialist in its motivations and although it remains well above the vulgarity of ‘class-war’, a pinch of salt is probably advisable. Despite this, the scope of the article demonstrates the breadth and complexity of the issues affecting healthcare standards.

Care derailed by frustration with the system

For healthcare professionals the desire to help others through working in the health and social care sector is a matter of vocation. For most, money is not a prime motivator; indeed it is difficult to view the many years of poor pay endured by NHS nursing staff as little more than the exploitation of the good intentions of nurses.

Whatever the role, pay and conditions, before entering the profession health workers seldom realise the complexity of the industry. Social and political factors take many matters out of their hands; regulation creates a compliance framework which is difficult to navigate. The desire to provide care can be derailed by frustration with the system, which can breed cynicism and poor attitudes. Reconciling all of these strands to provide high quality healthcare can seem like an impossible feat of squaring the circle.

Squaring the circle with QCS compliance

For providers, care quality is just one of a number of imperatives that compete for top spot on a long list of things to do; however, amidst the politics of healthcare and social statistics the quality of healthcare really comes down to the attitudes and behaviour of individuals.

A QCS compliance management system enables healthcare providers to square the circle by ensuring consistent delivery of high quality care. It helps health and social care workers to remain focused by placing an emphasis on the accuracy of procedures and efficiency of process to ensure the quality and consistency of care.

Please sign up for our FREE trial to see how a QCS compliance management system enables healthcare providers to meet their regulatory obligations while wrapping in care quality and integrating good governance practice.

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