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28th April 2021

Starting a new managerial role in the care sector? Then read this…

Most of us have experienced a sense of deep satisfaction that comes with landing a new job. For many care managers, however, this initial euphoria can quickly give way to anxiety on day one. That seems to be the view of many Quality Compliance Systems subscribers at least, who have chosen the QCS platform for their content, guidance, standards and compliance needs.

As Head of Care Quality at QCS, I know this because our fantastic customer care team, which is constantly talking to our 5,000-plus subscribers, says that one of the greatest challenges managers face when starting a new role is seamlessly hitting the ground running due to incompatible managerial frameworks and admin systems, which are radically different to the ones they left behind. This means that care managers who leave their role for a new one often struggle to quickly identify what areas need to be addressed and, also, what staff and service users’ files should contain.

There is also compliance to consider. Regulation 17 of the CQC’s Good Governance, for example, dictates that providers must meet specific criteria. They must maintain “an accurate, complete and contemporaneous record” of each service user they care for. Secondly, they should keep accurate and up-to-date records of staff, and thirdly, providers must show that all regulated activities are managed effectively and efficiently.

So, what should the checklists comprise of and how do new managers cope with the dual task of maintaining service users and staff documents? The answer lies in QCS’s Staff and Service User Files Checklist.

For Staff Checklists, QCS has highlighted the ‘New Starter, ‘Application form’ and a ‘Recruitment & Selection’ document. There are also ‘Onboarding’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Recognition’ documents, and documents covering ‘HR’, and ‘Training’.

To ensure compliance when caring for Service Users, after careful research, QCS chose to focus on checklists around correctly logging service user details, contracts and Local Authority/CCG Plans. The Service User Checklist also includes care plans documents, Audit lists and a Communication document. There is a specialist checklist for the Coronavirus and other lists, which include a ‘Complaints Log’ and a ‘Reviews checklist’.

The checklists, which have been written in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR requirements, are split into two definitive sections. Both are essentially targeted lists that highlight all of the tasks that a new manager needs to be on top of when he or she joins the service. What makes the checklist very effective is that it enables a Registered Manager

to scan the list of sections and the documents within them that they need to complete to ensure compliance. The files, which can be accessed in paper or digital form, also include a ‘Date Completed’ and a ‘signature box’ section too.

Most of all, however the checklists ensure that the first day of a new job at a new service runs seamlessly and smoothly. If you're considering of a move, and want to make the best possible start, then why not contact QCS compliance advisors on 0333-405-3333 or email

You can download the Staff and Service User Files checklist for free here

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Philippa Shirtcliffe

QCS Clinical Policy Lead

Philippa Shirtcliffe is Head of quality at QCS. She is a registered nurse with over 30 years working in Health and Social Care. She has had varied career undertaking operational and strategic leadership roles within social care. Read more

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