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Anisa Poladia Compliance Advisor - Retention

Having cut her teeth in media sales in her native Bangalore, Anisa joined Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) 18 months ago, where she works as a compliance advisor in retentions. Prior to linking up with QCS, Anisa was employed by a large media advertising agency in London for 12 years, managing campaigns in several different sectors.  

She began by describing an average day working day.

“I love my job because it’s about building and developing relationships with our clients. The care sector is a very exciting place to work in because each provider has different needs and, therefore, has a unique business model. But there is commonality. At its heart, the care sector is a person-centred sector, and this is what motivates the people working in it. It’s what drives me too.

As a retentions advisor, it’s not just about convincing customers to renew or persuade former clients to re-join. It is much more human than that. Every day, we try to find out what it is that each provider needs from a compliance perspective. It might be that the policies and procedures they are interested in are already on the system, but they just don't know it. Equally, with the system being continuously improved month-on-month, it could be that new policy or software features have been added since they stopped subscribing. But if what they are seeking is not there, we’ll liaise with the policy team to ensure that it is.

So, the job is about listening to our customers and, as a company, it is about working together to ensure that the product meets our customer’s ever-changing needs. In this sense, I like to think that the compliance advisory team is a key link in the chain.”

What’s it like to work at QCS?

“QCS is a fantastic company to work for. In terms of career development, I have been able to improve my skillset year on year. It’s also a company that recognises and actively promotes good work/life balance. Many people, for example, love the flexi-time and home working policy. I do too, but I had never worked from home until the lockdown came into effect in March. I wondered if I would be able to adjust, and if it would be possible to recreate the collaborative spirit and close bond that our small team had formed in the office. I needn’t have worried as the company provided a raft of technologies including Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, which enable my team to communicate, collaborate and work on projects in real-time.

QCS is focused on helping staff to improve physical mental wellbeing too. We have access to good perks - from offers on cinema tickets/High Street Shops and to a free gym membership. While, we cannot enjoy these benefits right now during the Lockdown, QCS has created online channels, clubs and forums where we can communicate with the wider company and share our experience of living in the lockdown. That really helps.”

How do you live the QCS values (‘Do the right thing’, ’play for the team’, ‘make it better’, ’Get it done.’)?

“Embodying the QCS values comes naturally to our team, which is the smallest but one of the most agile in the company. The values are very much built into company and team culture. In order to prioritise the customer experience, we need to work together seamlessly, to ensure we're able to give the customer what they want. That requires a high level of collaboration, innovation, dedication and hard work, which means putting in long hours as and when we need to.”

What are your hobbies?

“I have a small family and, when I’m not working, I like nothing better than to cook vegetarian dishes for them. Another one of my favourite pastimes is going to restaurants and the cinema to take in a Hollywood or a Bollywood movie. I love action and adventure movies, but if a film has a really compelling storyline, then I’m happy to watch it.”


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