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Debbie Sorkin Care Improvement Board

Debbie Sorkin has a wealth of expertise in leadership across public services, along with an extensive background in and detailed knowledge of health, social care and other sectors.

Debbie is the National Director of Systems Leadership at the Leadership Centre, a charity based in the Local Government Association. The Leadership Centre has experience in strengthening place-based leadership amongst people working in complex situations for over a decade long.  Systems Leadership is about how you lead across boundaries, and Debbie leads a national programme, backed by the NHS, public health, social care, housing and local and national government, that supports leaders confronted with challenging issues around health and care integration, service transformation, and improving the health of local populations. The programme reaches over 60 places all around the country, with Debbie’s work stretching both locally and nationally.

Before starting at the Leadership Centre, Debbie was Chief Executive at the National Skills Academy for Social Care, which she led to becoming the largest membership body in social care.  As part of its work, the Skills Academy produced the Leadership Qualities Framework for Adult Social Care, the first Leadership Strategy for the sector and a leadership support programme for Registered Managers, the first of its kind in England.

Debbie writes regularly on leadership issues and speaks at many public and sector events on Systems Leadership.  She also has extensive non-executive experience in leadership as a Board member in social care charities and housing associations.

Debbie joined the QCS Quality and Compliance Panel in 2016.

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