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Floyd Perez Senior Compliance Advisor

Floyd worked for the Royal Mint and XLN, a London-based telecommunications and broadband provider, before joining QCS six years ago. He’s one of QCS’s longest serving members of staff and works as a senior compliance adviser. He began by describing an average day in the office.

“I’ve always really enjoyed working in inbound sales, which requires a different skillset to outbound sales. The leads I receive are ‘warm’ and that allows me to pin-point the most pressing challenges potential customers face, and then to demonstrate - via a trial - how QCS’s technology can provide a solution. It’s very rewarding to know that the product will make a tangible difference to the client.”

What’s it like to work for QCS?

“When I first joined QCS, there were only six of us working out of a very small office in Great Portland Street. How times have changed! Looking back on the journey, what’s most pleasing is that QCS has never forgotten to listen to frontline staff. That, I think, sets it apart from other organisations.”

How do you live the QCS values: ‘Do the right thing’, ‘Make it better’, ‘Play for the team’ and ‘Get it done?’

“The values occupy a very important place in the QCS culture. Take the attributes ‘play for the team’ and ‘make it better’ for example. If a member of the sales team has put all the work into a sale, but finds themselves on another call when the client calls back to sign up, we always take the payment on behalf of that person, even if it means that we could lose out on time chasing sale leads.

Equally, ‘doing the right thing’ is important to us. If a client, for instance, subscribes to QCS at the end of the month without realising that the next month might be a discount month, we’ll always provide them with the same discount that they would have received had they waited an extra day or two.”

How does QCS enhance you work/life balance?

“One of the key benefits in working for QCS is its flexi-time and remote working policy. I live in Highbury, which is a three-hour round trip. Without flexi-time, I might have had to search for another job. I can also work at home if I wish, which as any sales person knows, is an extremely rare perk.”

Finally, what are your hobbies?

“I love to socialise and enjoy eating out, I also enjoy going to exhibitions and watching my football team, Chelsea F.C, on the weekends. Travelling is a great passion of mine. Last year I visited New York, St. Petersburg, Bologna and Tirana. Finally, when I’m at home, I like to read and play chess.”


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